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Cobertura is a Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests. It can be used to identify which parts of your Java program are lacking test coverage. It is based on jcoverage.
dogtail is a GUI test tool and automation framework written in Python. It uses Accessibility (a11y) technologies to communicate with desktop applications. dogtail scripts are written in Python and executed like any other Python program. dogtail has a number of features that aid in the automation and testing of desktop applications. These include:
  • Scripts written in Python - Since dogtail uses Python as its scripting language, scriptwriters gain enormous power and flexibility in what they can do with dogtail. If you can do it in Python, you can do it with dogtail.
  • Procedural API - A procedural scripting API allows for fast and easy blackbox tests to be written. Ace programmer credentials are not necessary to write useful automated scripts.
  • Easily Extensible - dogtail is object oriented "under the covers" so more advanced users can write custom classes and helper libraries simply.
  • Results and debug reporting - Test case comparisons are written to a tab-delimited results file for easy processing. Debug information is written to its own log for detailed analysis of what happened during script execution.
Tests a command line program by executing it in a temporary sandbox directory and inspecting its result. Tests executable programs, program source files, or inline source or shell commands. Or tests properties of existing files, directories etc. Supports individual test cases and test suites. It has a built in help system, who's contents can also be output as html. Test cases, and test suites, are written in plain text files.
GitLab includes Git repository management, issue tracking, code review, an IDE, activity streams, wikis, and more. It has continuous integration and delivery features to help you run automated tests and build scripts and deploy your code from your development environment to production.
Jenkins is a continuous integration (build automation) server. Built using Java, it provides over 930 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.
peinddd is a program intended to apply a global installation profile, composed of small install profiles for each application. Each concrete task (profile) implies the packages to be installed and actions to be taken, and in a superior level, you compose the list of tasks to perform in the whole process. It’s ideal for bulk installations in different computers to be set ready for production.
PropEr (PROPerty-based testing tool for ERlang) is a property-based testing tool for programs written in the Erlang programming language. Properties are written using Erlang expressions and a few predefined macros. The input to these functions are specified using type language.
SeLite (Selenium+SQLite) enhances Firefox automation. It improves productivity of Selenium IDE: it helps user scripts to be more expressive, structured, configurable, shareable and reusable. It serves for testing of web applications, and for other purposes, such as web-based administration or data mining/manipulation. It supports SQLite (the most widely deployed SQL database).
Sonar Sedcat Plugin Heckert gnu.tiny.png
Sedcat is a plugin that provides metrics about quality of unit testing of a software project. These metrics are the quality of unit tests as a percentage and recommended actions to improve that quality in order of priority. These metrics are calculated from expert systems created with the tool xfuzzy at software project level.
xhash checks text file content to verify checksums described in it. Checker used is determined by text file extension (.md5 .sha1 ...).

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