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How to list incomplete IceCat add-ons?

Before I started working on this issue I modified one of the templates responsible for allowing you to Create a new entry. It is now mandatory for for the "Extensions of" lists to only show entries with License related fields filled:

Lots of old entries are approved despite that they don't have License data filled, we need list them so we can unapprove them.

Then we can proceed to also include this later

  • License copyright
  • License verified
  • License verified date

I've read this but still don't know how to do it:


Test 1

I'm not sure how to implement this solution.

Use this template as:

The value of ExampleLicense is:
{{#if: {{{License}}} | [[Extension of::{{{License}}}]] | [[ExampleLicense::UNDEFINED]] }}


Test 1

[[Extension of::IceCat]]

Test 2

{{#if: [[License::UNDEFINED]]

{{#ask: [[Extension of::IceCat]]



This template is valid but it does not do what we want. However, we use it as a template and and it is modified from

[[Extension of::IceCat]]


Adblock PlusAdblock Plus (ABP)GPLv3
Debian buttonsDebian buttonsOther
DuckDuckGo (HTML SSL)DuckDuckGo (HTML SSL)MPL1.1
DuckDuckGo (Lite SSL)DuckDuckGo (Lite SSL)MPL1.1
DuckDuckGo on TORDuckDuckGo on TORMPLv2.0
FoxyProxy StandardFoxyProxy StandardGPLv2
Free Software Directory searchFree Software Directory searchGNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3 or later.
Google search link fixGoogle search link fixMPLv2.0
H264ifyh264ifyThe X.Org project
HTML5 Video Everywhere!HTML5 Video Everywhere!MPLv2.0
HTTPS EverywhereHTTPS EverywhereGPLv3orlater
IceCat/Ambulant PlayerAmbulant PlayerLGPLv2.1orlater
IceCat/Belgium eIDBelgium eIDLGPLv3
IceCat/Bloody Vikings!Bloody Vikings!GPLv3
IceCat/Bookmarks CheckerBookmarks CheckerMPLv2.0
IceCat/Cookie AutoDeleteCookie AutoDeleteMIT
IceCat/Disable WebRTCDisable WebRTCMPLv2.0
IceCat/FirebugFirebugBSD 3Clause
IceCat/Forecastfox (fix version)Forecastfox (fix version)MPLv2.0
IceCat/FreeSpeechMeFreeSpeechMeGPLv3orlater with exception
BSD 3Clause
IceCat/MM3 Proxy SwitchMM3 Proxy SwitchGPLv3
IceCat/OPIEOPIE (Ordered Preference Import/Export)MPL1.1
IceCat/Print Edit WEPrint Edit WEGPLv2
IceCat/Simple Form FillSimple Form FillMIT
IceCat/Smart HTTPS (revived)Smart HTTPS (revived)MPLv2.0
IceCat/Test PilotTest PilotMPLv2.0
IceCat/Text to VoiceText to VoiceMPL1.1
IceCat/The Fox, Only BetterThe Fox, Only BetterMPLv2.0
IceCat/Theme Font and Size ChangerTheme Font & Size ChangerGPLv3
IceCat/Tree Style TabTree Style TabMPL1.1
LGPL version 2.1
IceCat/Turn Off the LightsTurn Off the LightsGPLv2
IceCat/Yet Another Smooth Scrolling WEYet Another Smooth Scrolling WE (IceCat), Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller (iridium)BSD 2Clause
IceCat/YouTube High DefinitionYouTube High DefinitionLGPLv3
JavaScript-Toggle-On-and-OffJavaScript Toggle On and OffMozilla Public License, version 2.0
Liberapay-everywhereLiberapay EverywhereMPL-2.0
CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
LibreJSGNU LibreJSGPLv3orlater
Location GuardLocation GuardMPLv2.0
... further results

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