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  DescriptionHomepageLicenseIs GNUVersion date
MtoolsMtoolsLets Unix systems work with DOS files January 2013
YanucaYanucaa web tool to calculate plans for artificial nutrition (enteral+parenteral) in intensive care patients. January 2013
GWaeiGWaeia Japanese-English dictionary program for the GNOME desktop. January 2013
GuppyGuppya modular cross-platform chat bot in Python December 2012
Photo OrganizerPhoto OrganizerMulti-user photo management tool December 2012
Astronomical Papers LibraryAstronomical Papers LibraryA C library of published theories of motion of solar system objects. November 2012
AutojumpAutojumpa cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line. November 2012
BayonneBayonneGNU telephony server November 2012
GengetoptGengetoptgenerates C function that uses getopt_long November 2012
EevEevEmacs support for e-scripts November 2012
PdfPdflibraries and programs that implement the PDF file format October 2012
EnscriptEnscriptConverts ASCII files to PostScript September 2012
CcideCcideDecision Table Code Generator September 2012
GnutritionGnutritionNutrition analysis software September 2012
ODF-XSLTODF-XSLTa library written in PHP 5 for documents August 2012
GnujumpGnujumpplatform jumping game July 2012
TorChatTorChatIM with strong anonymity July 2012
GsaslGsaslSASL network authentication library
true28 May 2012
UzblUzblmodular web browser with vim like bindings
false14 May 2012
FlexSURVEYFlexSURVEYa small-in-size but powerful tool for creating flexible PHP-driven online surveyshttp://www.flexsurvey.deGPLv3orlaterfalse12 May 2012
OpenVRMLOpenVRMLVRML/X3D browser and runtime library
false5 May 2012
AutoconfAutoconfProduce shell scripts which automatically configure source code
GPLv2 with exception
GPLv3orlater with exception
true25 April 2012
EpsTkEpsTkGNU Octave encapsulated postscript toolkit
false19 April 2012
NeNeSmall, fast text editor April 2012
PsychosynthPsychosynthinteractive modular soft-synth
true2 April 2012
Day plannerDay plannerA simple time management program. March 2012
CmdftpCmdftpCommand line FTP client which uses only passive mode March 2012
Data FrameData FrameData manipulation toolbox similar to r data.frame February 2012
IdutilsIdutilsTools for indexing February 2012
BASMBASMThe Basic Computer Assembler February 2012
GnashGnashFlash Movie Player January 2012
ZutilsZutilsa collection of utilities for dealing with zipped and unzipped files transparently. January 2012
GopticalGopticaloptical design and simulation library January 2012
LivingInternet Web Site TemplateLivingInternet Web Site TemplateSource and user manual providing a simple, automated structure for provision of standard navigation functionality for web sites with multiple chapters and subsections. January 2012
AlleyoopAlleyoopAlleyoop is a GNOME front-end to the Valgrind memory checker. December 2011
RubyripperRubyripperA secure audio-cd ripper for linux December 2011
FdiskFdiskIs a libparted-based partitioning tool December 2011
PfcalcPfcalcpfcalc is a pipe friction calculator using the Darcy-Weisbach equation. gpfcalc is a Gtk front-end for pfcalc. Qpfcalc is a Qt front-end for pfcalc. November 2011
GsegrafixGsegrafixGNOME scientific and engineering plotting program
true10 September 2011
ReCagedReCagedReCaged is a Free Software, Futuristic, Racing Game. August 2011
PemPemGNU Personal Expenses Manager August 2011
SpellSpellSpell checker July 2011
FreeNATSFreeNATSAutomated network monitoring, historic reporting and alerting.
false9 July 2011
CourtListenerCourtListenerSearch millions of opinions by case name, topic, or citation. July 2011
ColortestColortestutilities to test color capabilities of terminal
false24 June 2011
KForgeKForgeA collaborative development environment for software or knowledge. June 2011
StrokeStrokean advanced interface which allows the user to dynamically modify certain date and time components. March 2011
ApparixApparixFast file system navigation March 2011
FuzzPyFuzzPya library for fuzzy sets, fuzzy graphs, and general fuzzy mathematics. January 2011
Furius ISO MounterFurius ISO Mounteruser friendly Gtk+ Interface to Mount ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF and NRG Image files without burning to disk. January 2011
GnugoGnugoPlays the game of Go December 2010
AcmAcmAerial combat simulation game
true8 December 2010
AcetoneISOAcetoneISOfeature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images
false15 November 2010
GnuspoolGnuspoolspooling system for printer and printer interface October 2010
LoutLoutDocument formatting system September 2010
GnukartGnukartRacing game September 2010
SafeheapSafeheapDynamic memory corruption detection utility
false26 August 2010
SlitherSlitheran application designed to track the movement of C. elegans worms in a laboratory environment. July 2010
DiscodactylDiscodactylXRD parsing in Ruby. July 2010
PhpgroupwarePhpgroupwareGroupware suite
false7 July 2010
ForbanForbana filesharing application for link-local and local area networks. 3Clause
false5 June 2010
Deliantra ArchetypesDeliantra Archetypesthe archetypes for a cooperative multiplayer RPG and adventure game, much similar in style (and setting) to nethack and moria.
false31 May 2010
Deliantra MapsDeliantra Mapsthe maps for a cooperative multiplayer RPG and adventure game, much similar in style (and setting) to nethack and moria.
false31 May 2010
PynagramPynagrama python anagram game inspired by anagramarama and Twirl.
BSD 4Clause
false18 May 2010
XDATXDATan X-dimensional Data Analysis Tool. 3Clause
false7 May 2010
MitterMittermicro-blogging client with multiple interfaces. April 2010
RottlogRottloglog management program March 2010
FpmFpmSets uniform permissions March 2010
GnowsysGnowsysHybrid database server with kernel for semantic computing March 2010
PycTacToePycTacToea highly modularized program written in Python containing Tic-Tac-Toe-like games. March 2010
KeplerKeplera library of C routines for astronomical calculations. March 2010
ReOSReOSreal estate website management March 2010
AppEngine GOAppEngine GOA turn-based implementation of the ancient game of "Go," written as a Google App Engine application.
false26 February 2010
Man-dbMan-dbReference manual page database and browser
false16 February 2010
TZMudTZMuda server to host a multi-user domain (MUD) implemented in Python. February 2010
NmpfrontNmpfrontGTK+ MPlayer Frontend February 2010
GurgleGurgleGNU Report Generator Language February 2010
QtLuaQtLuamakes Qt4 applications scriptable using the Lua scripting language.
false27 January 2010
SEOtoasterSEOtoastera website management system with an unique architecture that grows with your business, and makes piloting SEO execution and marketing for multiple websites from a central automated web marketing location possible. 3Clause
false18 January 2010
Kyoto CabinetKyoto Cabineta library of routines for managing a database. January 2010
GnuaeGnuaeSoftware to produce alternative energy systems January 2010
ClearHealthClearHealthMedical practice management system and EMR
UltracopierUltracopieradvanced graphical file copy system
false1 January 2010
Shell-calcShell-calcA simple command line calculator for Unix-like shells. December 2009
Metamorphose File -n- Folder RenamerMetamorphose File -n- Folder RenamerA mass file renaming program.
false22 November 2009
Tokyo PromenadeTokyo Promenadea website management system. November 2009
POSNUMCONPOSNUMCONa cross-platform numeral systems converter. November 2009
URD - Usenet Resource DownloaderURD - Usenet Resource DownloaderWeb-based Usenet binary download manager October 2009
LibtermuiLibtermuia lighweight terminal driver library fully reentrant and thread-safe. October 2009
AasmAasman advanced assembler designed to support several target architectures and output file formats using plugins. October 2009
Simple Web Error Checker - SWECSimple Web Error Checker - SWECa program that automates testing of dynamic websites. September 2009
PlotutilsPlotutilsPlotting utilities and library
true26 September 2009
PexecPexecExecute commands or shell scripts in parallel on local or remote host September 2009
Secret Maryo ChroniclesSecret Maryo Chroniclesside-scrolling gamehttp://www.secretmaryo.orgGPLv3orlater
false17 August 2009
ReftexReftexlabels, references, citations, indices in LaTeX August 2009
GnupodGnupodLets you use an iPod under GNU/Linux August 2009
BallandpaddleBallandpaddleball and paddle game.
true15 July 2009
XlogmasterXlogmasterMonitors logfiles and devices June 2009
NoorNoora small Quran viewer written in Python. May 2009
SSHManSSHMana simple SSH agent helper. April 2009
LatexBLatexBa very simple LaTeX building script. April 2009
MonitorGrowthMonitorGrowtha simple perl script that lets you monitor the growth of a file. April 2009
MagicPOMagicPOa utility to automatically translate a gettext po-file from one language to another. April 2009
GRandomWallpaperGRandomWallpapera simple utility that lets you randomize the wallpaper images on your GNOME (Nautilus) desktop. April 2009
JPIV: Java Particle Image VelocimetryJPIV: Java Particle Image Velocimetrya software package for Particle Image Velocimetry. April 2009
Simple Python Gallery - SPGalSimple Python Gallery - SPGala simple static XHTML gallery written in python. April 2009
Audio UtilsAudio Utilsa collection of audio file conversion scripts April 2009
SpindownSpindowndaemon to spindown idle disks April 2009
Janus internetwork channel linkerJanus internetwork channel linkera server that allows IRC networks to share certain channels. March 2009
DegateDegateICs analyzing tool March 2009
ANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding WizardANDREW's Not a DVD Ripping and Encoding Wizardan interactive command-line interface that simplifies the use of some application to create AVI, Matroska or OGM files from DVDs. March 2009
ODManODManManipulate and collect info from CD/DVD devices March 2009
GNOME Color ChooserGNOME Color Chooserfor customizing the appearance of the GNOME(/GTK+) desktop. March 2009
LeafgetLeafgeta network files downloader and manager for gnome. March 2009
MiguedrezMiguedreza chess human-vs.-computer game. March 2009
Octave-nlwing2Octave-nlwing2a package for the computation of nonlinear lifting line for wings for Octave. March 2009
Android- dg Alert ClassicAndroid- dg Alert ClassicCompletely revamps and improves SMS and MMS notifications for the Android phone. February 2009
GnuitGnuittools for file and system tasks February 2009
DddDddGraphical front end for command line debuggers
true11 February 2009
Deliantra ServerDeliantra Serverserver for a cooperative multiplayer RPG and adventure game, much similar in style (and setting) to nethack and moria.
false30 January 2009
RadiusRadiusRemote authentication and accounting system December 2008
GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ)GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ)the GENeral Purpose Organ. November 2008
FerretFerretdata modeller November 2008
LobbyistsLobbyistsa reference parser and database importer for the United States Senate LD-1/LD-2 lobbying disclosure database. October 2008
AEIOUAEIOUAEIOU (An Electronic IOU) is a web application for creating local commodity currencies based on electronic IOU tickets. 2Clause
false29 September 2008
SovixSovixPHP-based, semantic website revision system
false26 September 2008
GnurobotsGnurobotsProgram a robot to explore a world August 2008
SourceinstallSourceinstallGraphical tool for source package configuration, installation, tracking and removal July 2008
CnCnTrashcan script June 2008
ShmmShmmaccess all shared memory June 2008
Tiresias FontsTiresias Fontsnice looking free fontshttp://www.tiresias.orgGPLv3orlaterfalse14 May 2008
MilkyTrackerMilkyTracker2nd generation music trackerhttp://www.milkytracker.netGPLv3orlaterfalse13 April 2008
AroundmeAroundmeSocial networking and team interaction software March 2008
PBooksPBooksPHP-based double-entry accounting March 2008
PySoyPySoya multi-threaded 3d game engine March 2008
MyTabMyTabThe simple way to keep track of group finances March 2008
Magic GardenMagic GardenArtificial Plants Laboratory February 2008
ProcessMakerProcessMakerWorkflow / Business Process Managementhttp://www.processmaker.comAGPLv3orlaterfalse25 February 2008
KrecspkKrecspkhot-key commandline audio recording February 2008
WIAKWIAKlightweight IPC shell February 2008
LibhdateLibhdateLibrary for obtaining Hebrew dates and holy days
false26 January 2008
TrellisTrellislearning management systemhttp://trellis.learning.netGPLv3orlaterfalse23 January 2008
MicropolisMicropolisBuild your own virtual city! January 2008
LyntinLyntina mature multi-platform multi-user-interface mud client. January 2008
PasswordPasswordgenerates random passwords December 2007
A2psA2psAny to PostScript filter
true29 December 2007
GmediaserverGmediaserverUPnP compatible media server November 2007
AmbisuiteAmbisuiteprograms for manipulating ambisonic (sound) files. November 2007
FreewvsFreewvsweb vulnerability scanner October 2007
ProxyknifeProxyknifeValidate free proxies for users behind firewalls September 2007
Open AstroMenaceOpen AstroMenaceHardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities.GPLv3orlaterfalse22 September 2007
GpaintGpaintGNOME paint program September 2007
AsmIDEAsmIDEIs a utility programs that support assembler development
false1 September 2007
XhippoXhippoPlaylist manager August 2007
AvlAvlLibrary for balanced binary trees
true26 August 2007
AKFQuizAKFQuizWrite quiz-games and psychotests August 2007
EKVI X CmsEKVI X CmsIs a modular content management system. August 2007
Bpel2owfnBpel2owfntranslate web service expressed in BPEL to oWFN July 2007
BagelviewBagelviewIs a lightweight image viewer for looking at PPM, PBM, and PGM images. July 2007
JwhoisJwhoisInternet whois client July 2007
DominionDominionMulti-player role-playing simulation February 2005
SenddiffSenddiffAutomatically notifies users about CVS updates July 2004
GnatswebGnatswebWeb interface to GNU GNATS July 2003
GleemGleemLibrary of 3D widgets
true5 February 2002
FontutilsFontutilsScanned image, bitmap, outline font manipulation. April 2000
PaxutilsPaxutilsTool to manage file archives June 1999

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