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Fire★ is a a simple platform for decentralized communication and computation. Provides a simple application platform for developing p2p applications and share these applications with others in a chat like user interface. You don't send a message to someone, you send an program, which can have rich content. All programs are wired up together automatically providing distributed communication, either through text, images, or games. The source code to all applications is available immediately to instantly clone and modify.
Fractal is a Gtk+ client written in Rust. Come to talk with us in Matrix: Main repository: How to Build: You need meson and ninja to build this project. Rust and cargo are also needed. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local make sudo make install On MacOS, you will need to: brew install gtk3+ dbus bash
  1. empirically needs 3.22.19 or later of gtk3+
  2. ...and run configure as:
/usr/local/bin/bash -c ./configure --prefix=/usr/local You may also need to comment out the block in ./fractal-gtk/src/ as apparently notification.wait_for_action is missing on MacOS. The origin of Fractal: This project is based on ruma-gtk Instead of using RUMA Client, Fractal calls directly to the REST API. The first version of this project was called guillotine, based on french revolution, in relation with the Riot client name, but it's a negative name so we decide to change for a math one. The name Fractal was proposed by Regina Bíró.
Freetalk Heckert gnu.tiny.png
Freetalk is a command-line Jabber/XMPP chat client. It notably uses the Readline library to handle input, so it features convenient navigation of text as well as tab-completion of buddy names, commands and English words. It is also scriptable and extensible via Guile.
'gaim-e' is an encryption plugin for gaim. It uses GNUPG (GPG) to securely transfer the session key (RC5). It currently works with AOL, MSN, and Yahoo. Other protocols supported by gaim have not yet been tested.
Gajim is a Jabber/XMPP client written in PyGTK. Gajim works nicely with GNOME, but does not require it to run.
Gale is a messaging system resembling Zephyr in UI and social characteristics, but IRC in architecture, with some features of its own. It supports the use of public-key cryptography for privacy and authentication. It has a spanning-tree topology with failover, little server state, no concept of "op privileges", security through end-to-end encryption, multi-line messages, and command-line-driven clients, and directed categories, which prevents unnecessary distribution of messages. See Fugu, a graphical client for Gale:
'gicq' is an ICQ-compatible instant messaging client for Unix systems. It is based on the GTK toolkit. At the present time, the feature list is rather short. However, the most important stuff works - you can log on with an existing ICQ account, search for other users and add them to your contact list, and send and receive messages. 'gicq' uses libicq, which does most of the work.
Gm Heckert gnu.tiny.png
GNU Messenger is a messaging system that attempts to keep your conversations private from everyone except the intended recipient. It is compatible with existing IM networks and lets you to communicate with other GM users even when you're not using a native server. Features include autoconf support, interoperability with other popular IM networks, separate frontend and backend (which makes it easy to write new clients, a buddy list, and taskbar docking. This project has been decommissioned and is no longer developed.
Gnome ICU
GnomeICU (formerly GtkICQ) is an Internet Communication Utility for Gnome. It is based on the ICQ protocol, and may be used to communicate with any other GnomeICU or ICQ users, either in GNU/Linux or whatever other OS your friends feel like using.
Gnome IP Messenger
Gnome IP Messenger (GIPMSG) is WinPopup-like communication tool that works over TCP/IP. GIPMSG is a complete GNOME/GTK+ program, with full GNOME applet support. Using GIPMSG is easier than e-mail and requires little setup.

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