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* [[Free Software Directory:Sandbox]] -- for a page which isn't an entry
* [[Free Software Directory:Sandbox]] -- for a page which isn't an entry
==Pages to add new entries==
==How to add new form fields in entries==
* Property:<custom name>
* Property:<custom name>
* Property:Has resource kind
* Property:Has resource kind

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The Backlog Admin Group is a dedicated group started by David Hedlund to work on our Backlog.


  • Team Captain: David Hedlund (Time zone: Europe/Stockholm)
  • Participant: Adfeno (Time zone: America/Sao_Paulo)
  • Participant: Saper (Time zone: Europe/Warsaw)


  • #mediawiki and #semantic-mediawiki at chat.freenode.net if full of people that are skilled with ParserFunctions, we should gently ask if someone want to be part of our team.

Friday IRC meeting

Should we add to https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/Free_Software_Directory:Requirements that we only permit data related to official releases? For example, the current Windows download link for IceCat is unofficial, but it's made by jenslody@fedoraproject.org (20:43:02) David_Hedlund: But it's still a unofficial release. I think we should discuss this policy.

"—The Speex codec has been obsoleted by Opus. It will continue to be available, but since Opus is better than Speex in all aspects, users are encouraged to switch—" - https://www.speex.org/ . Should we remove speex from the Directory: https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/Category/Works-with-format/speex

You could provide a message like "this package is superseded by X".
Also, what would happen if we remove a free/libre software from FSD, and after many years another project is added but depends on it. Surely the reviewer will want to know if Speex is free/libre based on the FSD or some free/libre distro repository.
If we decide for "removing superseded entries", then we will have the extra work of removing every one of these.


How to add new form fields in entries


  • Property:<custom name>
  • Property:Has resource kind
  • Property:Resource kind
  • Template:Entry
  • Template:Print entry
  • Template:Print software category
  • Template:Show

How to manage possible properties for an entry and its templates

Go to any entry and "Edit" it (without the form), in the bottom you will see a list of all templates it currently uses. {{Entry}} is the property-setter, and is the one used by Form:Entry, so it doesn't display anything to the pages by itself. {{Print entry}} is a intermediary --- it prints somethings but only if called ---, {{Show}} calls {{Print entry}} and other intermediary templates in order to display things. In turn, the first thing that {{Entry}} does is to call {{Show}}, then it proceeds to do all the property settings.

Form:Entry or (the Submit a new entry link in the navigation menu) is used to display editable things that can be found in "Edit with form". When done, Form:Entry automatically makes a page which uses {{Entry}}.

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