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#REDIRECT [[IceCat/Puzzle Toolbars]]
|Name=Puzzle Toolbars
|Short description=Piece together all of your add-on buttons and extras into your browser window in exactly the way you want them!
|Full description=Contact Info: For reporting problems and bugs, or if you have comments or suggestions, please either send me an email (quicksaver@gmail.com) or go to https://github.com/Quicksaver/Puzzle-Toolbars/issues and create an issue, this is so I have a way to communicate with you if I need to.
This add-on provides a series of customizable toolbars for your browser, so that you can organize all of your buttons, icons and extras around your window just the way you want them. Every toolbar can be enabled or disabled in the add-on's options immediately. By choosing only the toolbars that you'll use, you can truly make your browser unique!
When first installed, the toolbars will be empty. You can fill them in the same way you customize the rest of your browser; while in Customize view, just drag your icons and buttons to the exact place where you want them.
Every toolbar comes with its own Puzzle Piece, which you can click to quickly open or close its toolbar. These puzzle pieces will hide away when the toolbar is closed, and will always be accessible by moving the mouse over to its location, so that you can easily open it whenever you need it. All the puzzle pieces are optional, and can be enabled or disabled in the add-on's options as well.
Every toolbar also has its own keyboard shortcut, which you can change to your liking in the add-on's options to keep each puzzle bar at the distance of a finger!
Bottom Puzzle Bar:
- An almost exact replica of the add-on bar of older firefox versions. This toolbar is placed at the bottom of the browser, after the webpage, extending from one margin of the window to the other.
- The puzzle piece can be shown on the left or on the right of the window.
Corner Puzzle Bar:
- A small, space-saving toolbar, shown in either the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of the browser, over the webpage.
- It can optionally extend to cover all the available width of the window.
- When set to automatically hide, the toolbar will hide away to the bottom when not in use. To show it again, simply move the mouse over to its area, and it will pop right back up.
Lateral Puzzle Bar:
- A vertical toolbar that can be shown on the left or the right of the window, next to the webpage. It is especially useful to keep any buttons for opening sidebars right next to it.
- Its puzzle piece can be shown at the top or the bottom of the toolbar.
- When set to automatically hide, the toolbar will hide away out of view when not in use. To show it again, simply move the mouse over to the margin of the window, and it will pop back in.
- The perfect companion to OmniSidebar's enhanced sidebar experience!
Top Puzzle Bar:
- A customizable toolbar at the top of the window, just below the navigation bar.
- Its puzzle piece can be shown on the left or on the right of the window.
- Fully compatible with Slim Chrome, a feature of my other add-on The Fox, Only Better, which hides the top chrome when it's not needed.
Location Bar Puzzle Bar:
- Keeps your icons neatly packed into the location bar!
- When set to automatically hide, the icons will roll under the puzzle piece when not in use. To show them again, simply move the mouse over to the puzzle piece, and they will roll back out.
- If its puzzle piece is hidden, the toolbar will only hide automatically when the cursor is in the location bar. Otherwise, without a visible puzzle piece, there would be nothing to mouse over to show the icons.
Other features:
- The status bar, which was removed in Australis (Firefox 29), can be restored by simply dragging it into any toolbar in customize mode; it cannot be used in the menu panel though.
--Don't count on this feature existing for long, as there are plans to remove the status bar completely from firefox.
- Bring back separators and spacers to all of your toolbars. They can even be used in the new menu panel!
-- Flexible spaces are restored as well and can be used in most toolbars, with the exception of the navigation bar and the location bar puzzle bar. They also can't be used in the menu panel.
Important note about the auto-hiding features: "hiding" and "closing" a toolbar are two different things! For example, if you close the toolbar by clicking on its puzzle piece, you have to click it again to reopen it; moving the mouse over to it with auto-hiding enabled will only "show" the toolbar if it is already opened, but it will not "open" it.
|Homepage URL=https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/puzzle-toolbars/?src=search
|Extension of=IceCat,Firefox
|VCS checkout command=git clone https://github.com/Quicksaver/Puzzle-Toolbars/
|Version identifier=
|Version date=2014/05/20
|Version status=stable
|Version download=https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/259612/the_puzzle_piece-1.3.8-fx.xpi
|Last review by=David Hedlund
|Last review date=2014/05/31
|Submitted by=David Hedlund
|Submitted date=2015/04/18
|Is GNU=No
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