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Umple technology for adding UML constructs to programming languages, or representing models textually; includes a code generator, Eclipse plugins, and the UmpleOnline web app
Universal PHP Mailer
Simple but powerful wrapper for the PHP mail() function, capable of sending anything. You can use it to send very simple mail and even some very complex. Just give it whatever content and fire it off. It configures itself.
WackoWiki is a small, lightweight, handy, expandable, multilingual Wiki-engine based on Wakka Wiki. WYSIWYG editor, easy installer, many localizations, email notification on changes/comments, several cache levels, design themes (skins) support, XHTML compliance, page rights (ACLs), and page comments. This code was forked from WakkaWiki 0.1.2, with some patches from ChS,, some new actions from and essential amount of our own source code.
A large quantity of published data is available only in the form of plots and it is often difficult to extract numerical data accurately out of these pictures. WebPlotDigitizer is an easy to use, free program that can work with XY charts, polar diagrams, ternary diagrams, microscope images or maps. This program is developed using HTML5 which allows it to run within a web browser and requires no installation on to the user's hard drive.
WebSVN is a Web Subversion interface. Features:
  • Easy-to-use interface, simple to install / configure
  • Supports multiple repositories, local or remote
  • Optional path-based restriction of privileges
  • Colourisation of file listings; MIME type support
  • Blame (annotation) view of file authorship
  • Comparing revisions of files / directories
  • Revision and log message browsing / searching
  • RSS feed support for watching any resource
  • Download of files and folders
  • Customisable templating system
  • Multiple languages and on-demand switching
The most comprehensive and integrated Free / Libre / Open Source enterprise software suite ever developed. WikiSuite™ is especially suited to knowledge-centric organizations and offers most (80%+) of the data and information management features all organizations need Key features of WikiSuite™ are OS & Network management, Email & Calendar, Commerce, Web & Intranet, Chat & Video Conference, Security, BPM & Analytics, Files & Sync. WikiSuite™ is an integrated and extensible solution.
WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin that turns a blog into an online storefront. WooCommerce itself has further extensions, including payment providers.
WordPress is Web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It is a state-of-the-art, semantic personal publishing platform that focuses on aesthetics, Web standards, and usability.
'wxweather' is a reference implementation of the Open Weather System, an open weather monitoring and prediction network. It includes:
wxcard - An assembly language program for the project's PIC - based
weather monitoring card. wxdisp - A logging and display program for data from wxcard.
wxlmon - A program to aid debugging the serial communications between
wxcard and wxdisp.
Control digital sign(s). You can use text, images and video for content. Schedule what you want when you want. Centralized control panel.
A PHP based search engine. It can function as general purpose search engine for the whole Web. Or for a set of URLs or domains. Yioop can index multiple file formats. The crawler can be deployed on one or more computers, and it respects the robots.txt file.
Zenbership is free software for membership-based organizations which allows them to acquire, monetize, and retain members online. The platform is designed to combine multiple tools into a single platform, providing a central hub from which businesses can manage and automate tasks like member registration, renewals, and marketing.
Zoph can help you organize a large collection of photos, by organizing them into albums and categories, storing the location where the photo was taken, people who are depicted, photographer, etc.

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