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  DescriptionHomepageLicenseGNU?Version date
GnuastroGnuastroastronomical data analysis and manipulation gnu.small.png8 August 2018
NNCPNNCPUtilities for secure store-and-forward files, mail and commands exchanging 8 July 2018
GimpGimpGNU Image Manipulation Program
Heckert gnu.small.png4 July 2018
UpadUpadA tool for uploading programs to embedded devices 29 June 2018
KritaKritaA cross-platform digital painting application from KDE
BSD 2Clause
BSD 3Clause
 27 June 2018
VConnect-STANDVConnect-STANDSinging synthesis e.htmlGPLv3orlater 20 June 2018
TagstooTagstooSoftware to tag folders and files, with multimedia and epubs preview. 18 June 2018
Gnu-pw-mgrGnu-pw-mgrpasswords manager gnu.small.png17 June 2018
NullifyNullifyTurn-based game of cards 30 May 2018
EmacsEmacsExtensible, real-time editor
Heckert gnu.small.png28 May 2018
LibreJSLibreJSBlocks javascript that is non-trivial and non-free gnu.small.png22 May 2018
FontopiaFontopiaConsole bitmap font editor gnu.small.png20 May 2018
GamaGamaGeodetic network adjustment program gnu.small.png19 May 2018
LibidnLibidnInternationalized string preparation library
Heckert gnu.small.png18 May 2018
GnudosGnudossoftware library to help new GNU system users gnu.small.png13 May 2018
AgsAgsAudio sequencer
 7 May 2018
ArtanisArtanisweb application framework written in Guile Scheme
Heckert gnu.small.png7 May 2018
McsimMcsimSimulation for designing, analyzing and calibrating mathematical models gnu.small.png5 May 2018
JirafeauJirafeauOne-Click upload and share 3 May 2018
EprintsEprintsOnline information archiving system gnu.small.png3 May 2018
Guile-cvGuile-cvVision functional programming library for Guile gnu.small.png2 May 2018
OctaveOctaveHigh-level language for numerical computations gnu.small.png1 May 2018
OrgOrgOutline-based notes management and organizer for Emacs 1 May 2018
EmmsEmmsplay multimedia files from Emacs gnu.small.png1 May 2018
GnumericGnumericMath program intended to replace commercial spreadsheets
Heckert gnu.small.png30 April 2018
SavaPageSavaPageOpen Print Portalhttps://www.savapage.orgAGPLv3orlater 30 April 2018
QuesferaQuesferaFramework/engine to make quests a.k.a. point & click adventures with 3D panoramic freelook 30 April 2018
NanoNanosmall terminal text editor gnu.small.png27 April 2018
Bullet dodgerBullet dodgerA fun and challenging mouse game where you must dodge bullets dodger/GPLv3orlater 25 April 2018
ParallelParallelexecute jobs parallel with one or more computers gnu.small.png22 April 2018
PurePureis a modern-style functional programming language based on term rewriting. 11 April 2018
GnupgGnupgComplete implementation of the OpenPGP Internet standard
Common Public License 1.0
Heckert gnu.small.png10 April 2018
McronMcronVixie cron replacement gnu.small.png8 April 2018
GNOME Shell Extension TaskBarGNOME Shell Extension TaskBarTaskBar is a dock-like windows list on the top/bottom panel 6 April 2018
SedSedstream-oriented non-interactive text editor gnu.small.png1 April 2018
Persepolis Download ManagerPersepolis Download ManagerPersepolis is a download manager and a GUI for aria2 which is powered by Python. 31 March 2018
GnuradioGnuradiosoftware radio ecosystem gnu.small.png30 March 2018
PeekPeekSimple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface 29 March 2018
Mpd-configureMpd-configureBash scripts to assist users of mpd to configure it as an audiophile bit perfect music player 26 March 2018
FoliotFoliotsmall and easy to use timekeeping application gnu.small.png25 March 2018
Emacs-museEmacs-museauthoring and publishing environment for Emacs gnu.small.png24 March 2018
ShepherdShepherdService manager replacement for SysV-init gnu.small.png22 March 2018
RecutilsRecutilsTools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases gnu.small.png19 March 2018
Md-tocMd-tocAutomatically generate a compliant table of contents for a markdown file to improve document readability 18 March 2018
GretlGretlGnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library gnu.small.png17 March 2018
DatamashDatamashScriptable statistics and data calculation gnu.small.png16 March 2018
GcomprisGcomprisEducational suite for children from 2 to 10 gnu.small.png13 March 2018
TimeTimemeasure CPU and memory resources gnu.small.png12 March 2018
Help2manHelp2mangenerate manual pages from program files gnu.small.png28 February 2018
LibunistringLibunistringUnicode string library
Heckert gnu.small.png28 February 2018
DionysusDionysussearch engine for universal constants and parameters gnu.small.png27 February 2018
GawkGawkString manipulation language gnu.small.png25 February 2018
Asciinema-playerAsciinema-playerWeb player for terminal session recordings 21 February 2018
LessLessDisplay paginator
Heckert gnu.small.png17 February 2018
GlpkGlpkGNU Linear Programming Kit gnu.small.png16 February 2018
GnutlsGnutlslibrary implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0
Heckert gnu.small.png16 February 2018
GlobalGlobalSource code tag system for C, C++, Java, and Yacc gnu.small.png9 February 2018
PatchPatchApplies a patch to a file gnu.small.png6 February 2018
LibcdioLibcdioCD-ROM access library gnu.small.png6 February 2018
FreeipmiFreeipmiIntelligent platform management system
BSD 3Clause
Heckert gnu.small.png2 February 2018
GdbGdbGNU Debugger gnu.small.png30 January 2018
BashBashThe GNU Bourne-Again SHell gnu.small.png30 January 2018
BinutilsBinutilsCollection of binary utilities
Heckert gnu.small.png28 January 2018
LilypondLilypondMusic typesetter gnu.small.png28 January 2018
GcideGcideComprehensive English Dictionary gnu.small.png28 January 2018
DicoDicoa flexible modular implementation of DICT server RFC 2229. gnu.small.png28 January 2018
Libtasn1Libtasn1the ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS, GNU Shishi and some other packages.
Heckert gnu.small.png16 January 2018
GzipGzipcompress and decompress files gnu.small.png7 January 2018
GdbmGdbmReplacement for the 'dbm' and 'ndbm' libraries gnu.small.png3 January 2018
BleachbitBleachbitdelete unnecessary files from the systemhttps://www.bleachbit.orgGPLv3orlater 30 December 2017
NtopngNtopngHigh-Speed Web-based Traffic Analysis and Flow Collection Tool
BSD 3Clause
 27 December 2017
CoreutilsCoreutilsbasic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
Heckert gnu.small.png27 December 2017
EncNotexEncNotexA free multi-platform software to manage confidential textual notes and tasks. 25 December 2017
TexmacsTexmacsScientific text editor gnu.small.png21 December 2017
GapMeaGapMeadatabase design tool 17 December 2017
TarTarCreates tar archives gnu.small.png17 December 2017
SocialSocialpowerful social network that is federated gnu.small.png17 December 2017
GnubgGnubgstrong backgammon program gnu.small.png16 December 2017
AuctexAuctexwrite and formatTeX files gnu.small.png10 December 2017
Tor BrowserTor BrowserA Firefox ESR-based web browser for use of the TOR network
 9 December 2017
TrampTrampRemote file editing software gnu.small.png8 December 2017
GuixGuixGNU Package Manager gnu.small.png7 December 2017
HealthHealthHospital and Health Information System gnu.small.png4 December 2017
LimsLimsLaboratory Information Management System gnu.small.png3 December 2017
GuileGuileGNU extensibility library
Heckert gnu.small.png1 December 2017
McMcfile manager gnu.small.png25 November 2017
HyperboleHyperboleInformation and text management program gnu.small.png23 November 2017
SqltutorSqltutorInteractive web based tool for learning SQL by examples gnu.small.png19 November 2017
MailmanMailmanManages discussion lists gnu.small.png18 November 2017
IgnuitIgnuitflash-card based memorization aid gnu.small.png17 November 2017
FoodsoftFoodsoftWeb-based software to manage a non-profit food coop (product catalog, ordering, accounting, job scheduling). 10 November 2017
EasejsEasejsClassical object-oriented framework for JavaScript gnu.small.png8 November 2017
MailutilsMailutilsUtilities and library for reading and serving mail
Heckert gnu.small.png2 November 2017
UnitsUnitsUnit conversion and calculation gnu.small.png1 November 2017
ScreenScreenMulti-screen window manager gnu.small.png23 October 2017
PybikPybikRubik's cube game 22 October 2017
DejagnuDejagnuFramework to test programs gnu.small.png16 October 2017
LibextractorLibextractorExtracts metadata information from files gnu.small.png15 October 2017
ZileZiletext editor development kit gnu.small.png6 October 2017
UshahidiUshahidiWeb application for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping 6 October 2017
SswSswviewing and manipulating 2 dimensional tabular data gnu.small.png5 October 2017
Category/Use/organizingCategory/Use/organizingGeneral Purpose Task Manager 4 October 2017
GnucapGnucapA general purpose circuit simulator gnu.small.png3 October 2017
TexinfoTexinfoProduces manuals, ASCII text, and on-line documentation gnu.small.png12 September 2017
GnucobolGnucobolCOBOL compiler and runtime
Heckert gnu.small.png6 September 2017
DictionDictionChecks text for readability and bad usage gnu.small.png2 September 2017
INFOTOPOINFOTOPOPrograms for Information Topology Data Analysis Information Topology 1 September 2017
UBlock OriginUBlock OriginA wide-spectrum blocker. Easy on CPU and memory. 1 September 2017
PsppPsppStatistics package gnu.small.png27 August 2017
GulllockerGulllockerA free multi-platform software to manage list of encrypted files 19 August 2017
ScramScramProbabilistic risk analysis toolhttps://scram-pra.orgGPLv3orlater 15 August 2017
MyNotexMyNotexA free note-taking, document file and activity manager for GNU/Linux 14 August 2017
ComplexityComplexityMeasure complexity of C source gnu.small.png12 August 2017
DenemoDenemoGraphical music notation, front-end to GNU Lilypond gnu.small.png28 July 2017
KallitheaKallitheaGIT and Mercurial source code management system 26 July 2017
ChessChessChess game gnu.small.png24 July 2017
Free OberonFree OberonFree Oberon compiler 19 July 2017
GrepGrepFinds lines that match entered patterns gnu.small.png2 July 2017
AcctAcctGNU system accounting utilities gnu.small.png2 July 2017
GslGsllibrary for numerical analysis gnu.small.png19 June 2017
ViTablesViTablesgraphical tool to browse and edit PyTables and HDF5 fileshttp://vitables.orgGPLv3orlater 1 June 2017
OpenShotOpenShotVideo editor 1 June 2017
ZerSolZerSolC++ solver for all zeros of a complex analytic function that lie within a given rectangular region 26 May 2017
MottiMottiMultiplayer network strategy game gnu.small.png25 May 2017
DiffutilsDiffutilsFinds differences between and among files gnu.small.png21 May 2017
Ublock-originUblock-originAn efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean 13 May 2017
OrgadocOrgadocHelps organize documentation gnu.small.png11 May 2017
GrubGrubGNU GRand Unified Bootloader gnu.small.png26 April 2017
NaamariNaamariAES&SHA-based crypto-synchronizer for cloud/remote file storage, with cryptographic and transport modules being separate applications 21 April 2017
BcBcInteractive algebraic language
Heckert gnu.small.png10 April 2017
DuckerDuckerSearch with DuckDuckGo from the command line 8 April 2017
GoVPNGoVPNSimple secure, DPI/censorship-resistant VPN daemon 4 April 2017
Electric Fields Visualization PythonElectric Fields Visualization PythonEFV Python 3 April 2017
GnubikGnubik3D Rubik's cube game gnu.small.png3 April 2017
Metalogic-inferenceMetalogic-inferencemetaLogic Inference program gnu.small.png31 March 2017
ZcashZcashZcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private
 28 March 2017
ZufallZufallchanges the background image periodically 26 March 2017
FlowbladeFlowbladenon-linear video editor
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
 20 March 2017
AplAplfree version of the programming language APL gnu.small.png17 March 2017
Gnome-sudokuGnome-sudokuSudoku puzzle game for GNOME 12 March 2017
FisocoFisocoFInd, Sort, Order and COnvert your files. 11 March 2017
DeclaraDeclaraIncome tax declaration generator with goals to suport for variable incomes and other features 2 March 2017
EbisoEbisoUEFI bootable ISO image creator 28 February 2017
CalamaresCalamaresThe universal installer framework 24 February 2017
MandosMandosallows remote and/or unattended password protected server reboots. 23 February 2017
EdEdA simple line editor
Heckert gnu.small.png22 February 2017
RsyslogRsyslogreliable system and kernel logging daemon 3Clause
 21 February 2017
Gnugo.elGnugo.elGNU Go mode in Emacs 17 February 2017
E2wmE2wmsimple window manager for emacs 15 February 2017
ExwmExwmAnother Emacs-based window manager 12 February 2017
WgetWgetRetrieves files from the Web
Heckert gnu.small.png11 February 2017
GgradebookGgradebookFully-featured GNU gradebook gnu.small.png6 February 2017
Couple questCouple questForeplay game 6 February 2017
LibiconvLibiconvConverts between character encodings
Heckert gnu.small.png2 February 2017
Test Entry sonaliTest Entry sonaliTest
test entry Program
 1 February 2017
Test Entry sonali2Test Entry sonali2Test case2
 1 February 2017
Test VibhutiTest VibhutiGNU Image Manipulation Program
 1 February 2017
Test Vibhuti 2Test Vibhuti 2GNU Image Manipulation Program
 1 February 2017
MnemosyneMnemosynespaced repetitions (flashcard) program 30 January 2017
PsgmlPsgmlEmacs major mode for editing SGML and XML documents. 25 January 2017
DosfstoolsDosfstoolsutilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems 24 January 2017
HauntHauntFunctional static site generator 23 January 2017
UservUservSecurity boundary tool gnu.small.png23 January 2017
Compass Layout-gala pluginCompass Layout-gala pluginCompass plugin implementing the Layout-gala CSS styles 23 January 2017
GcalGcalcalculate and display calendars gnu.small.png22 January 2017
SAMBASAMBAFile-sharing implementation 18 January 2017
ArcoirisArcoirisblog server as Java webapp with maps integration and Android client 15 January 2017
Cobol-modeCobol-modeEmacs Mode for editing COBOL code 14 January 2017
Vc-dwimVc-dwimChangeLog diff and commit tool and write helper gnu.small.png14 January 2017
RsyslogdRsyslogdEnhanced 'syslogd'
 10 January 2017
Octave-generatehtmlOctave-generatehtmlprovides functions for generating HTML pages that contain the help texts for a set of functions for Octave. html/index.htmlGPLv3orlater 10 January 2017
NotmuchNotmuchthread-based email index, search, and tagging 9 January 2017
LiVESLiVESa video editing program and VJ tool
 6 January 2017
GperfGperfperfect hash function generator gnu.small.png5 January 2017
WasoraWasorawasora's an advanced suite for optimization & reactor analysis 3 January 2017
TombTombGenerate encrypted storage folders 2 January 2017
M4M4Macro processor
Heckert gnu.small.png31 December 2016
RepmgrRepmgrreplication manager for PostgreSQL 27 December 2016
EdbEdbdatabase program for GNU Emacs 24 December 2016
FfemFfemEmacs Mode for command line media players 21 December 2016
GradioGradioA GTK3 app for finding and listening to internet radio stations 20 December 2016
AlsaplayerAlsaplayerPCM (audio) player for ALSA 20 December 2016
ToxicToxicCommand line Tox client for secure chat 18 December 2016
GmpGmpThe GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
Heckert gnu.small.png18 December 2016
MailfromdMailfromdA general-purpose mail filtering daemon for Sendmail and Postfix.
 13 December 2016
DiasporaDiasporaServer software for the decentralized social network of the same name 13 December 2016
YadYaddisplay graphical dialogs from shell scripts or command line. 11 December 2016
AlotAlotText mode MUA using notmuch mail
 9 December 2016
MonkeysphereMonkeyspherea framework to leverage the OpenPGP web of trust for OpenSSH authentication. 3 December 2016
GNUpotGNUpotA fully free, highly customizable and very efficient shell wrapper for git and SSH, which imitates Dropbox. 2 December 2016
CMSimpleCMSimpleCMSimple is a simple content management system; for the smart maintenance of small commercial or private sites. 1 December 2016
ClipperzClipperzonline password managerhttp://www.clipperz.comAGPLv3orlater 27 November 2016
ElectricElectricelectrical CAD system gnu.small.png22 November 2016
GpaGpagraphical user interface for the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). 19 November 2016
GPGMEGPGMEGnuPG Made Easy software/gpgme/GPLv2orlater
 16 November 2016
ClawskerClawskerGUI editor for Claws Mail's hidden options 13 November 2016
InformInformtext adventure compiler 11 November 2016
GvpeGvpesecure vpn over untrusted network
Heckert gnu.small.png10 November 2016
Gufw- Gui for Uncomplicated FirewallGufw- Gui for Uncomplicated Firewallan easy to use GNU/Linux firewall, powered by ufw.
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
 9 November 2016
OASISOASISA Novel GWAS Analysis Method 6 November 2016
GhostscriptGhostscriptPostScript and PDF interpreter
AGPLv3 with exception
Heckert gnu.small.png6 November 2016
Claws MailClaws MailUser-friendly lightweight email client, based on GTK+ 6 November 2016
PacewarPacewarPacewar is a simple fighting game between two teams of ships. 3 November 2016
GnufmGnufmServer software for running music community websites
Heckert gnu.small.png29 October 2016
NFO ViewerNFO Viewera simple viewer for NFO files. 2Clause
 29 October 2016
ElpyElpyEmacs Python Development Environment 28 October 2016
RelaxRelaxMolecular dynamics by NMR data analysishttp://www.nmr-relax.comGPLv3orlater 28 October 2016
ViewTubeViewTubeViewTube is a JavaScript application that allows viewing videos from video sharing web sites without needing to install Adobe Flash Player 18 October 2016
PhpLogConPhpLogConis a web based syslog and network event data log analysis, search, graphing and reporting tool.http://loganalyzer.adiscon.comGPLv3orlater
 13 October 2016
BeaconBeaconAn Emacs global minor-mode 12 October 2016
CutemazeCutemazesingle player maze game
 12 October 2016
GnunGnunbuild system for translations X.Org project
Heckert gnu.small.png8 October 2016
RushRushRestricted User Shell gnu.small.png1 October 2016
PiesPiesProgram Invocation and Execution Supervisor gnu.small.png1 October 2016
XppqXppqXML preprocessor 30 September 2016
BarmanBarmanBackup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQLhttp://www.pgbarman.orgGPLv3orlater 27 September 2016
GnoteGnotea port of Tomboy to C++.
 25 September 2016
Git-annexGit-annexmanage files with git, without checking their contents into githttps://git-annex.branchable.comAGPLv3orlater
 23 September 2016
LibdbhLibdbhmanage 64-bit disk based hash tables gnu.small.png22 September 2016
WinFFWinFFa GUI for the command line video converter, FFMPEG. new/GPLv3orlater
 21 September 2016
HTTPS EverywhereHTTPS EverywhereBrowser extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. 21 September 2016
Octave-parallelOctave-parallela Parallel execution package for cluster computers for Octave.
 19 September 2016
PoseidonPoseidonA fast, minimal and lightweight browser
 16 September 2016
XorrisoXorrisomaps file objects gnu.small.png16 September 2016
ReadlineReadlineedit command lines as they are typed in gnu.small.png15 September 2016
FirestrFirestrPlatform for distributed communication and computationhttp://www.firestr.comGPLv3orlater 10 September 2016
ParsleyParsleya modular python-based file synchronization tool 9 September 2016
GeditGeditLightweight text editor for GNOME 9 September 2016
GzochiGzochiScalable middleware for multiplayer games 3 September 2016
GpgpwdGpgpwdA command-line password manager based around GnuPG 3 September 2016
VStarVStarVStar is a multi-platform, easy-to-use variable star data visualization and analysis tool. 2 September 2016
CmogstoredCmogstoredalternative mogstored implementation for MogileFS 31 August 2016
AutogenAutogenAutomated program and text generation gnu.small.png30 August 2016
MediatexMediatexElectronic Records Management System 24 August 2016
JtwJtwlanguage to simplify learning Java programming gnu.small.png20 August 2016
LibrebootLibrebootcoreboot-libre. coreboot without binary blobs. 18 August 2016
OpenAnswerOpenAnswerOpen source answering service software 17 August 2016
AdnsAdnsResolver library for C and C++ programs gnu.small.png12 August 2016
ViewTubePlusViewTubePlusThe only free software to play gratis adult videos 5 August 2016
FreesideFreesideBilling and account administration package for ISPs 5 August 2016
XboardXboardGraphical chessboard gnu.small.png1 August 2016
SubtitleeditorSubtitleeditorGraphical subtitle editor with sound waves representation 30 July 2016
VmgenVmgensupports the construction of interpretive systems gnu.small.png27 July 2016
ChartChartStock and commodity market charting
 23 July 2016
GormGormGraphic Object Relationship Modeler gnu.small.png19 July 2016
DireventDireventdirectory content watcher daemon gnu.small.png6 July 2016
Cf4oclCf4oclC Framework for OpenCL
 4 July 2016
AdaGateAdaGatecombination of Sokoban and Portal 3 July 2016
SuperTuxKartSuperTuxKartA free 3D kart racing game. PageGPLv3orlater 1 July 2016
SolfegeSolfegeEartraining program gnu.small.png24 June 2016
WACSWACSWeb-based Adult Content Server 13 June 2016
BiskitBiskita python library for structural bioinformatics research. 12 June 2016
GettextGettextTools to produce multi-lingual messages
Heckert gnu.small.png11 June 2016
MakeMakeGenerates executables and other non-source programs gnu.small.png10 June 2016
RotcellocRotcellocThe hacker's movie, tv-series and game collection manager 5 June 2016
GradintGradintlearn foreign vocabulary 2 June 2016
Liberty-eiffelLiberty-eiffelCompiler for the Eiffel programming language
The X.Org project
Heckert gnu.small.png26 May 2016
SwbisSwbisDistributed Software Administration gnu.small.png22 May 2016
GT.MGT.Man industrial strength, transaction processing application platform. and Wealth/Services/Database EngineAGPLv3orlater 17 May 2016
GtkAdaGtkAdaAda 95 graphical toolkit 16 May 2016
CflowCflowCharts control flow within source code gnu.small.png16 May 2016
JelJelCompiler for expressions into Java byte code gnu.small.png9 May 2016
GneuralnetworkGneuralnetworkimplement a programmable neural network gnu.small.png3 May 2016
SkullsSkullsSkulls is a Multi-Network WebCache in PHP used from p2p clients to bootstrap 2 May 2016
Tryton-modules-party-siretTryton-modules-party-siretTryton Application Platform (Party SIRET/SIREN Module) 2 May 2016
RemotecontrolRemotecontrolmanage IP thermostats and other Building Automation devices gnu.small.png25 April 2016
PyconfigurePyconfigureConfigure and install Python software the GNU way
Heckert gnu.small.png20 April 2016
AJAX ChatAJAX Chata free and fully customizable web chat software.
Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5
 17 April 2016
Visualization LibraryVisualization LibraryC++ middleware for 2D/3D graphics 13 April 2016
RnetclientRnetclientSend income tax declaration to Government 6 April 2016
Glpk-javaGlpk-javaJava binding to the GNU Linear Programming Kithttp://glpk-java.sourceforge.netGPLv3orlater 1 April 2016
MediagoblinMediagoblinServer software that allows you to share your media with the world
Common Public License 1.0
Heckert gnu.small.png29 March 2016
Arg parserArg parseran argument parser that follows POSIX and GNU conventions for command line arguments. parser.htmlGPLv3orlater 23 March 2016
VteVteTerminal emulator widget for GTK+ 3.0 - runtime files
 22 March 2016
MussortMussorta simple music collection sorting program. 19 March 2016
Gnome-terminalGnome-terminala terminal emulator for GNOME 19 March 2016
GnoMintGnoMintA certification authority management tool for GTK/GNOME.
 15 March 2016
RufasGateRufasGateCombination of Portal and 3D Sokoban 10 March 2016
ABYSSABYSSAutomates some streaming operations and provides feedback for volunteers 9 March 2016
Sed-modeSed-modeMajor mode to edit sed scripts 27 February 2016
CirceCirceIRC client for Emacs 26 February 2016
CaroCaroA gomoku-like game with addtional rules 20 February 2016
RufasCubeRufasCubeNot another Rubic Cube; this is a slider not a twister 20 February 2016
RufasSevenRufasSeven3D block slider puzzle for kids...looks like a 2x2x2 rubic cube BUT it's a slider not a twister 20 February 2016
RufasSlidersRufasSlidersLarge collection of 2D block slider puzzles including traffic rush and klotski 20 February 2016
RufasSwapRufasSwapSimple Permuted Picture Puzzle for kids 19 February 2016
ArbitoolsArbitoolsTools for chess arbiters 7 February 2016
OptionMatrixOptionMatrixGTK+ Financial Derivatives Calculator with 168+ Models 6 February 2016
EtmtkEtmtkManages events and tasks using simple text files
 4 February 2016
MpriaMpriaMulti-Precision Rational Interval Arithmetic gnu.small.png31 January 2016
Financial package for OctaveFinancial package for Octavefinancial manipulation and plotting functions 31 January 2016
Gnome-chessGnome-chesschess game with 3D graphics 17 January 2016
MH-EMH-EEmacs interface to the MH mail system 17 January 2016
Javascript Crypto LibraryJavascript Crypto LibraryJavascript implementations of Fortuna and SRP source/javascript crypto libraryAGPLv3orlater 11 January 2016
SiSUSiSUdocuments - structuring, publishing in multiple formats and search
 5 January 2016
Mingw-w64Mingw-w64Development environment targeting 32- and 64-bit Windowshttp://mingw-w64.sf.netPublicDomain
BSD 2Clause
BSD 3Clause
 3 January 2016
OpenPIVOpenPIVIs a Python clone of a Matlab toolbox for PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) analysis 2016
FindutilsFindutilsfind and operate on groups of files gnu.small.png28 December 2015
MdkMdkEmulator and development environment for Knuth's MIX computer gnu.small.png23 December 2015
Octave-intervalOctave-intervalReal-valued interval arithmetic for Octave 22 December 2015
RsyncRsyncFTP program to keep remote files in synch
 21 December 2015
BusTOBusTOArrival times for Turin public transports and its outskirts 20 December 2015
VocabulinkVocabulinkprogram/website to help you learn foreign languages as quickly and effortlessly as possible. 17 December 2015
SipwitchSipwitchSIP-based office telephone call server gnu.small.png13 December 2015
CcscriptCcscriptC++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution system gnu.small.png13 December 2015
TcalcTcalcThe terminal calculator 30 November 2015
GosnakeGosnakeThe Console Snake Game 30 November 2015
MsmtpMsmtpSMTP client that can be used as a plugin for MUAs 27 November 2015
KohaKohaIs an integrated library management systemhttp://koha-community.orgGPLv3orlater 26 November 2015
Gmpl-modeGmpl-modemajor mode for the GNU MathProg modeling language 16 November 2015
IagnoIagnostrategy game for GNOME 12 November 2015
Nano-archimedesNano-archimedessimulation of quantum systems gnu.small.png10 November 2015
Gnome-nibblesGnome-nibblessnake game, up to four players 9 November 2015
AisleriotAisleriotGNOME solitaire card game collection
 9 November 2015
Gnome-klotskiGnome-klotskiKlotski puzzle game for GNOME 6 November 2015
Four-in-a-rowFour-in-a-rowfour-in-a-row game for GNOME
 6 November 2015
DocvertDocvertConverts word processor files to odf or html 24 October 2015
Lfm - Last File ManagerLfm - Last File ManagerCurses-based file manager
 23 October 2015
BmrblibBmrblibThe Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank (BioMagResBank or BMRB) library 20 October 2015
GnuspeechGnuspeecharticulatory speech synthesis system gnu.small.png15 October 2015
ShroudShroudSimple password database 1 October 2015
InfCloudInfCloudCalDAV/CardDAV web client 22 September 2015
CalDavZAPCalDavZAPCalDAV web client 22 September 2015
ObnamObnamObnam is an easy, secure backup programhttp://obnam.orgGPLv3orlater 12 September 2015
CpioCpioArchiver that handles cpio and tar archives gnu.small.png12 September 2015
LIBrary for SECure ReMovalLIBrary for SECure ReMovala set of replacements for these standard C functions which cause data removing from files. X.Org project
 12 September 2015
XonoticXonoticFast-paced first person shooter game
 26 August 2015
TeseqTeseqanalyse files containing control characters and terminal control sequences gnu.small.png14 August 2015
MailpileMailpilePrivacy-oriented mail client with a web interfacehttps://www.mailpile.isAGPLv3orlater
 10 August 2015
Terminal Matrix 8086Terminal Matrix 8086TM is a mysterious program designed to establish an inter-dimensional connection to an hyper-dimensional being called RIS 6 August 2015
QDot 8086QDot 8086QDot 8086 is a mid-level programming language targeting the original IBM-PC architecture written as a set of macros for NASM — the Netwide Assembler
Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0
 6 August 2015
FotoxFotoxPhoto contrast editing 1 August 2015
AgeCalcAgeCalcCalculates birth information based on a specified DOB 11 July 2015
DilloDilloSmall, fast Web browser 30 June 2015
XidelXidelCommand line tool to process HTML/XML/JSON locally or from online sources 28 June 2015
GleanGleantool for self-directed learning gnu.small.png25 June 2015
InetutilsInetutilsGNU Networking Utilities gnu.small.png10 June 2015
WikitoolsWikitoolspython scripts and modules to interact with the MediaWiki API and source code for some en.wikipedia bots. 5 June 2015
JOSMJOSMExtensible OpenStreetMap editor 4 June 2015
SharutilsSharutilsCreates and helps unpack shell archives gnu.small.png30 May 2015
FisicalabFisicalabeducational application to solve physics problems gnu.small.png29 May 2015
Stick2xyzStick2xyzmake stick figure animations 28 May 2015
Octave-signalOctave-signala signal processing tools package for Octave. 25 May 2015
GxmessageGxmessageGTK-based xmessage clone gnu.small.png25 May 2015
BirdFontBirdFontFont creatorhttp://birdfont.orgGPLv3orlater
 19 May 2015
BoolBoolUtility for matching boolean queries in text gnu.small.png11 May 2015
Liquidwar6Liquidwar6multiplayer wargame gnu.small.png6 May 2015
AntimicroAntimicromap keyboard and mouse controls to a gamepad 1 May 2015
PuffinPlotPuffinPlotPalaeomagnetic data analysis and plotting 23 April 2015
IceCat/RECAPIceCat/RECAPRECAP The Law for Better Access to Public Court Records. 21 April 2015
GsrcGsrcGNU Source Release Collection
Heckert gnu.small.png19 April 2015
The List powered by Creative CommonsThe List powered by Creative CommonsTake photos and share them with the worldhttps://thelist.creativecommons.orgAGPLv3orlater 10 April 2015
Octave-communicationsOctave-communicationsDigital Communications package for Octave. 4 April 2015
GNU Source-highlightGNU Source-highlightproduce document with syntax highlighting from source file gnu.small.png30 March 2015
CcrtpCcrtpRTP protocol stack of GNU Common C++ and the GNU project with library exception
Heckert gnu.small.png29 March 2015
ClassSchedulerClassSchedulerProvides schedules for college students 21 March 2015
Octave-quaternionOctave-quaternionPackage for the manipulation of Quaternion's used for frame transformation for Octave. 21 March 2015
FreeWAFFreeWAFHigh-performance WAF built on the OpenResty stack 20 March 2015
WhichWhichPrints out full path of execuatbles gnu.small.png20 March 2015
WebgenWebgenEasy-to-use, extensible web site generator 14 March 2015
Ccd2cueCcd2cueCCD sheet to CUE sheet converter
Heckert gnu.small.png13 March 2015
Guile-sdlGuile-sdlGuile bindings for various SDL libraries gnu.small.png8 March 2015
GnatsGnatsBug tracking system gnu.small.png27 February 2015
4store4storeRDF database storage and query engine -- database daemon
BSD 3Clause
GPL-2.0-or-later with exception
 4 February 2015
MasterPasswordMasterPasswordA stateless password manager 2 February 2015
BisonBisongeneral-purpose parser generator gnu.small.png23 January 2015
RcsRcsVersion control and project management software gnu.small.png22 January 2015
ScmScmR5RS Scheme implementation
Heckert gnu.small.png21 January 2015
PalabosPalaboscomplex flows with lattice Boltzmann.
 16 January 2015
FreeSnellFreeSnellFreeSnell is a program to compute optical properties of multilayer thin-film coatings. 16 January 2015
JacalJacalsymbolic math system gnu.small.png16 January 2015
UnrtfUnrtfConverts from RTF to other formats gnu.small.png2 January 2015
ShutterShuttera feature-rich screenshot program.
 24 December 2014
SeLiteSeLiteautomated database-enabled navigation of web applications
 23 December 2014
FreetalkFreetalkconsole based Jabber client gnu.small.png19 December 2014
MongoDBMongoDBA scalable, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database 3Clause
 9 December 2014
GitoriousGitoriousA web application for hosting, managing and contributing on Git repositories.https://gitorious.orgAGPLv3orlater 4 December 2014
CalibreCalibreA complete e-library solution, including e-reader synchronizationhttp://calibre-ebook.comBSD 3Clause
 28 November 2014
InklingreaderInklingreaderGNU/Linux version of the Wacom Inkling SketchManager gnu.small.png27 November 2014
HelloHelloexample of GNU package gnu.small.png16 November 2014
Folder ColorFolder ColorChoose the color or emblem of a folder 7 November 2014
Run for RunnersRun for RunnersApplication to store and manipulate your running data. 4 November 2014
GroffGroffDocument formatting system gnu.small.png4 November 2014
GAdmin-ProFTPDGAdmin-ProFTPDGTK+ frontend for ProFTPD 4 November 2014
Stunt RallyStunt RallyRally game with possible stunt elements 3 November 2014
PyIFBabelPyIFBabelpyifbabel is a pure-Python implementation of the Treaty of Babel, a standard for identifying and handling the metadata of interactive fiction files.http://pyifbabel.invergo.netGPLv3orlater 27 October 2014
GrotesqueGrotesqueAn interactive fiction library managerhttp://grotesque.invergo.netGPLv3orlater 27 October 2014
SubrosaSubrosaEnd to end encrypted messaging & voice/video chat in the browserhttps://subrosa.ioGPLv3orlater 23 October 2014
FreedinkFreedinkFree enhancement of Dink Smallwood game engine gnu.small.png22 October 2014
GssGssImplementation of Generic Security Service API gnu.small.png9 October 2014
Email-ReminderEmail-ReminderNever forget a birthday again! 9 October 2014
AllocPSAAllocPSAautomated online professional services 6 October 2014
BrazeBrazeA scripted MIDI patch bay manager for ALSA 17 September 2014
Graph-toolGraph-toolgraph-tool is general graph measurement and manipulation program, aimed to help with statistical measurements of large graphs. 11 September 2014
CadenciiCadenciiPiano roll editor for singing synthesis
 10 September 2014
LzlibLzliba compression library for lzip files. 5 September 2014
Simple ScanSimple ScanUser-friendly scanner software 28 August 2014
Devilspie2Devilspie2LUA-based window matching utility 21 August 2014
FWRTFWRTFree Weekly Report Tool for submitting and storing status reports 16 August 2014
GtypistGtypistTyping tutor gnu.small.png12 August 2014
Check modbusCheck modbusNagios plugin for Modbus TCP and RTU modbus/detailsGPLv3orlater 9 August 2014
ValentinaValentinaPattern-making program which allows designers to create and model patterns of clothing 4 August 2014
ADLADLApplication Database Load balancing class for MySQL 3 August 2014
PartedPartedManipulates disk partitions gnu.small.png29 July 2014
GtickGtickDigital metronome gnu.small.png27 July 2014
ToccToccA Tag-based File Management Systemhttp://t-o-c-c.comGPLv3orlater 19 July 2014
CsscCsscFree clone of SCCS gnu.small.png11 July 2014
ParcelliteParcelliteGTK+ clipboard manager 3 July 2014
Zotero clientZotero clientWeb-based client to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources 27 June 2014
XllmnrdXllmnrdLLMNR responder daemon for IPv6 networks 26 June 2014
GforthGforthportable implementation of ANS Forth language gnu.small.png14 June 2014
MwForumMwForumWeb based discussion forum system 13 June 2014
Miscellaneous package for OctaveMiscellaneous package for Octavemiscellaneous tools for Octave 5 June 2014
DkoppDkoppFull and incremental backup to DVD 2 June 2014
AnubisAnubisProcesses outgoing mail gnu.small.png23 May 2014
AdlintAdlintSource code static analyzer 10 May 2014
XneeXneeRecords, distributes, and replays X11 protocol data gnu.small.png6 May 2014
PipecodePipecodenews and discussion software package written in PHP 5 May 2014
ClementineClementineLightweight music player and library organizer
 23 April 2014
GnubatchGnubatchadvanced batch scheduling system
Heckert gnu.small.png22 April 2014
DapDapStatistics and graphics package gnu.small.png16 April 2014
CursynthCursynthpolyphonic synthesizer that runs in the terminal gnu.small.png14 April 2014
WdiffWdiffFront end to GNU diff gnu.small.png14 April 2014
ASISASISAda Semantic Interface Specification ug/asis ug/introduction.html#introductionGPLv3orlater 10 April 2014
GnunetGnunetAnonymous peer-to-peer file-sharing gnu.small.png8 April 2014
OpenGnsysOpenGnsysFree and open-source application for deployment and management of operating systems.http://www.opengnsys.esCreative Commons Attribution 3.0
 7 April 2014
XML2CSV-Generic-ConverterXML2CSV-Generic-ConverterFlatten XML into CSV to suit your mood 1 April 2014
ThalesThalesdoctest-like system for GNU Guile gnu.small.png19 March 2014
ArisArisformal logical proof program gnu.small.png6 March 2014
ESpeakESpeakMulti-lingual software speech synthesizer 6 March 2014
Linterna MágicaLinterna MágicaFlash replacementhttp://linternamagica.orgGPLv3orlater 3 March 2014
ArduinoArduinoAVR development board IDE and built-in libraries
Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5
 21 February 2014
PyPumpPyPumpPython library for interfacting with the APIhttp://pypump.orgGPLv3orlater 19 February 2014
GnushogiGnushogiplay the game of Shogi gnu.small.png17 February 2014
Guile-wmGuile-wmA Window Manager Toolkit for Guile Scheme 4 February 2014
Guile-xcbGuile-xcbX11 client library for GNU Guile 4 February 2014
XmlatXmlatXmlat aims to be the new XML tools gnu.small.png28 January 2014
SQL-DKSQL-DKSQL batch/terminal client 10 January 2014
RpgeRpgeengine for 2D role playing games
Heckert gnu.small.png6 January 2014
CYTHARCYTHARStandAlone MIDI Step Sequencer 5 January 2014
FontForgeFontForgeOutline font editor 3Clause
 2 January 2014
MacchangerMacchangermanipulate a MAC address
Heckert gnu.small.png1 January 2014
OmegaTOmegaTOmegaT is a free multiplatform Computer Assisted Translation tool with fuzzy matching, translation memory, keyword search, glossaries, and translation leveraging into updated projects.
AKFAvatarAKFAvatarmake word bubbles for avatars 26 December 2013
QueXCQueXCa web based data cleaning and coding system.
BSD 2Clause
 20 December 2013
AbsenceAbsenceCalendar for keeping track of people 15 December 2013
3dldf3dldfthree-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output gnu.small.png13 December 2013
PalavaMachinePalavaMachineWebRTC signaling server 7 December 2013
ServeezServeezServer framework gnu.small.png2 December 2013
ZeptodbZeptodbTiny command-line tools for manipulating DBM databaseshttp://zeptodb.invergo.netGPLv3orlater 17 November 2013
FreePoker DatabaseFreePoker Databasea database program to track your poker games, the behaviour of the other players and your winnings/losses.
 14 November 2013
ClasspathxClasspathximplementation of the Java extension libraries
Heckert gnu.small.png13 November 2013
FileteaFileteaWeb-based file sharing system
 3 November 2013
WiiControllWiiControllAn application to map and send keystrokes from Nintendo Wii Controllers 1 November 2013
GnulibGnulibGNU portability library
Heckert gnu.small.png28 October 2013
LftpLftpFTP clienthttp://lftp.yar.ruGPLv3orlater 11 October 2013
CjdnsCjdnsencrypted IPv6 network using public key cryptography for address allocation and a distributed hash table for routing 23 September 2013
DishDishExecutes commands simultaneously on several hosts
 20 September 2013
OndineOndineAudio player 19 September 2013
AliveAliveAutomatic login and keep-alive utility for Internet connections. gnu.small.png8 September 2013
Histrix CalculatorHistrix CalculatorA JavaScript calculator 30 August 2013
EmaigosEmaigosFree software to import Google contacts and calendars in Emacs. 18 August 2013
Curse of WarCurse of WarA fast-paced action strategy game for GNU/Linux 16 August 2013
LibmathevalLibmathevallibrary for evaluating mathematical expressions gnu.small.png14 August 2013
DigitsDigitsCan you guess the number? 6 August 2013
CombineCombineExtensible file matching and filtering
Heckert gnu.small.png1 August 2013
Historical/RequestPolicyHistorical/RequestPolicyAddon to stop connections external to the website being viewed.
 30 July 2013
GnuschoolGnuschoolweb application for educators, students and school administrators gnu.small.png18 July 2013
BooktypeBooktypeWeb-based collaborative book creation and publishing platform 2 July 2013
OpenbarterOpenbarterbarter market 22 June 2013
CharlearnCharlearnlearn foreign characters 13 May 2013
Grue HunterGrue HunterCan you capture the Grue? 5 May 2013
PhonascusPhonascusmusic theory and aural training 2 May 2013
ArchimedesArchimedesSoftware for designing and simulating submicron semiconductor devices gnu.small.png30 April 2013
SudokukiSudokukiGraphical sudoku game 28 April 2013
Sux0rSux0ra blogging package, an RSS aggregator, a bookmark repository, and a photo publishing platform. 3Clause
 26 April 2013
CcgCcgPlot trends in atmospheric gasses 24 April 2013
BansheeBansheeMedia Management and Playback applicationhttp://www.banshee.fmLGPLv2orlater
Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5
 16 April 2013
PapertrailPapertrailBallot counting software 15 April 2013
Task coachTask coachask Coach keeps track of personal tasks and todo lists. It is designed for composite tasks, and also offers effort tracking, categories, notes and more. 14 April 2013
GnatGnatAda95 compilation system gnu.small.png12 April 2013
DarktableDarktableRAW image editor 5 April 2013
ShishiShishiimplementation of Kerberos 5 network security system gnu.small.png3 April 2013
ProperProperQuickCheck-inspired property-based testing tool for Erlang 31 March 2013
BarcodeBarcodeConvert text strings to printed bars gnu.small.png30 March 2013
UDPTUDPTBitTorrent udp tracker 22 March 2013
RrepRrepRecursive pattern replacement utility
 21 March 2013
Haskell filestoreHaskell filestoreHaskell interface for versioning file stores - GHC libraries
 21 March 2013
GvGvFrontend for ghostscript
The X.Org project
Heckert gnu.small.png17 March 2013
CppiCppicpp directive indenter gnu.small.png16 March 2013
EdmaEdmaModular development environment
Heckert gnu.small.png15 March 2013
MaverikMaverikVirtual reality micro kernel gnu.small.png15 March 2013
MarstMarstAlgol to C translator gnu.small.png9 March 2013
YetrisYetrisCustomizable Tetris(tm) on console. March 2013
CollabCollabreal-time shared painting software (paint chat) 17 February 2013
MaratisMaratisPortable, simple and visual game development tool designed for artists and developers
 7 February 2013
Jas CMSJas CMSsmall website engine written in Java 4 February 2013
MiLi- Minimalistic headers-only C++ LibraryMiLi- Minimalistic headers-only C++ Librarya collection of useful C++ libraries, composed only by headers. 28 January 2013
LahelperLahelperGUI to help create a LaTeX document.http://lahelper.sourceforge.netGPLv3orlater 17 January 2013
CytadelaCytadelaa first person shooter game, DOOM/Wolf 3D clone.
 17 January 2013
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