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== after 1 march 2013 ==  
== after 1 october 2013 ==  
Last review date: {{#ask: [[Last review date::>1 March 2013]]
Last review date: {{#ask: [[Last review date::>1 October 2013]]
Last review by: {{#ask: [[Last review by::>1 March 2013]]
Last review by: {{#ask: [[Last review by::>1 October 2013]]
Version date: {{#ask: [[Version date::>1 March 2013]]
Version date: {{#ask: [[Version date::>1 October 2013]]
Submitted date: {{#ask: [[Submitted date::>1 March 2013]]
Submitted date: {{#ask: [[Submitted date::>1 October 2013]]
License verified date: {{#ask: [[License verified date::>1 March 2013]]
License verified date: {{#ask: [[License verified date::>1 October 2013]]
== after 1 April 2013 ==
Last review date: {{#ask: [[Last review date::>1 April 2013]]
Last review by: {{#ask: [[Last review by::>1 April 2013]]
Version date: {{#ask: [[Version date::>1 April 2013]]
Submitted date: {{#ask: [[Submitted date::>1 April 2013]]
License verified date: {{#ask: [[License verified date::>1 April 2013]]
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Revision as of 12:05, 7 March 2014

after 1 october 2013

Last review date: 14888

Last review by: 15700

Version date: 2494

Submitted date: 7558

License verified date: 6454

 Last review dateLast review byVersion dateLicense verified dateIs GNU
Strawberry8 October 2018Donaldr38 October 2018false
Libsmtp11 August 2018Craig Hutchinson29 April 200230 November 2000false
Lich11 August 2018Craig Hutchinson27 January 200730 January 2007false
LiliBoggie11 August 2018Craig Hutchinson19 February 200622 February 2006false
White dune9 August 2018Mufti119 August 201827 September 2001false
Krecspk7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson10 February 200823 April 2008false
Isdnserver7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 March 20049 March 2004false
JPIV: Java Particle Image Velocimetry7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson27 April 200927 April 2009false
LibhtmlTemplate7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson13 August 200324 February 2004false
Ivy-Python7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson16 June 200821 August 2009false
JavaDICT7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson2 October 200310 January 2003false
Libngrs 27 August 2018Craig Hutchinson30 October 20045 November 2004false
JMax7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson24 March 200317 July 2001false
Junk Lab7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson19 November 200819 May 2009false
IrcGraph7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson10 December 200214 July 2002false
Libphish7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson19 November 200819 November 2008false
JMusic7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson18 February 201728 July 2003false
KPreg7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson11 March 20044 February 2002false
IrssiBot7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson24 June 200210 December 2001false
Java Brainfuck compiler7 August 2018Craig Hutchinson14 December 20025 August 2003false
Ingres6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson8 April 20176 September 2006false
GlTail6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson11 February 201514 November 2008false
DynAlbum6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson23 October 200623 October 2006false
Incf cl6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 April 200919 May 2009false
Incollector6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson18 May 200619 May 2006false
Install-log6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson31 July 200127 April 2001false
Gnome-ls6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson6 August 20067 August 2006false
Dvupicts6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson10 January 200711 January 2007false
Imap migrate6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson22 November 20022 August 2005false
Frugal Windowing Environment6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson26 July 200727 July 2007false
Iplog6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson27 October 200827 October 2008false
Independent Coffeeshop Access Manager6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson29 June 20046 March 2006false
Genigma6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson29 November 20013 April 2002false
Indexpage.pl6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson28 February 20025 December 2000false
Frocor6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson11 May 200527 February 2006false
Indexed PDF Creator6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson16 December 20039 November 2001false
GeoToad6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson21 June 200412 May 2004false
Info-ZIP- UnZip branch6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson29 April 200911 July 2003false
FunkLoad6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson2 February 200613 February 2006false
Incident.pl6 August 2018Craig Hutchinson8 December 20044 September 2003false
AgeCalc5 August 2018Z133311 July 201526 February 2016false
Libpropc++5 August 2018Daniel Hjorth29 August 200430 August 2004false
Memcheck5 August 2018Daniel Hjorth18 May 200728 July 2003false
SendIP4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson29 July 200329 July 2003false
HarvestMan4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson2 August 200527 May 2005false
IStream4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 November 20056 March 2006false
Firestorm4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson3 August 20035 August 2002false
Gspoof4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson23 December 200329 August 2002false
HTTrack Website Copier4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson15 March 201516 July 2001false
Org4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson1 May 20189 January 2017false
HTMLatex4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson11 April 200611 April 2006false
IP Traf4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson19 May 200230 April 2002false
Retawq4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson19 March 200611 February 2005false
IP Sentinel4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson29 March 20059 September 2003false
IPeer4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson19 August 201419 April 2006false
Hackbot4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson27 February 200324 October 2002false
IP Sorcery4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson13 July 200423 January 2002false
Hashed Text Utilities4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson26 October 200429 March 2004false
ISP-Check4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 June 20049 June 2004false
Tiger4 August 2018Craig Hutchinson3 March 201018 June 2002false
Hogwash Light BR3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson19 May 200619 May 2006false
Gravityd3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 December 200222 March 2001false
IDLEfork3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson1 June 20038 February 2004false
Hq3x3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson25 July 200329 January 2004false
Glibbind3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson5 October 20045 October 2004false
Grsecurity3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson30 July 20186 August 2002false
Exactly3 August 2018Donaldr33 August 2018false
Httpdstats3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson23 February 200923 February 2009false
Getattach.pl.txt3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 October 20036 October 2003false
Grace Library3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson18 June 200818 June 2008false
IDSA3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 June 200321 March 2002false
Hsclock3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson18 December 200122 April 2005false
Hitchhiker 20003 August 2018Craig Hutchinson5 March 200119 June 2001false
Dmi3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson24 March 200426 August 2003false
Fotoxx3 August 2018Mojo22 October 2014false
HuegoGallery3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson17 November 200517 November 2005false
Homebrew Decompiler3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson24 February 20047 March 2008false
Hackers3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson21 April 200227 June 2001false
RFC3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson17 November 20054 February 2004false
Html scrub3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson10 November 20047 June 2004false
Hldfilter3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson22 February 20014 January 2001false
Formgenie3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson25 May 200525 May 2005false
Pure3 August 2018Mojo11 April 20186 November 2008false
HuffmanView3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson3 August 20053 August 2005false
HotSwap3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson2 April 20032 April 2003false
Hasard3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 September 200915 September 2009false
IGMT3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson27 October 200011 July 2001false
Html2ps html2pdf3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson1 January 19709 December 2005false
Hocuspocus3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson7 May 20089 May 2008false
GreenT3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson1 March 200624 March 2006false
IBackup3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson26 September 200316 April 2002false
Hping3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson22 June 20043 May 2004false
Haskell Database Connectivity3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson26 June 200826 June 2008false
Grubconfig3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson31 August 200411 February 2002false
Cloudgizer3 August 2018Donaldr33 August 2018false
HttpFileManager3 August 2018Craig Hutchinson23 May 200628 May 2006false
DaveDAP2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson1 October 20126 November 2002false
Dynamic Probes2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 October 200327 November 2001false
Gq2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson8 January 200815 November 2002false
Gdeditor2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson28 January 200225 April 2002false
Glsnake2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson10 September 200310 September 2003false
Gnuml 22 August 2018Craig Hutchinson14 February 200214 February 2002false
GNotary client2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson15 August 20056 March 2006false
Gnome Screen Ruler2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson28 December 200424 March 2006false
GtkLP for CUPS 22 August 2018Craig Hutchinson1 June 201712 May 2004false
Electric Fence2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson24 July 200530 January 2003false
GnomeLDAP2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson6 December 200119 April 2002false
Extrallator2 August 2018Craig Hutchinson4 May 20065 May 2006false
Galway web weaver 21 August 2018Craig Hutchinson9 June 200031 January 2001false
GIST1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson16 June 200314 July 2005false
Goats 21 August 2018Craig Hutchinson24 November 20022 November 2000false
GTray1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson22 October 200422 October 2004false
FlowerAttack1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson12 January 200528 February 2006false
Gameping1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson7 August 20039 June 2003false
GNOME Iconset Builder1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson18 August 200413 December 2006false
Galaxy- Stellar Simulation1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson23 June 200916 October 2009false
DVC for Emacs1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson6 March 20086 March 2008false
FreeB1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson20 June 200529 November 2005false
GPS1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson7 September 200019 June 2001false
DrlFT1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson25 April 20171 June 2004false
FileTools1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson25 July 200527 July 2005false
Getgui1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson22 April 200521 October 2004false
GRot131 August 2018Craig Hutchinson23 October 20022 April 2002false
Discust1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson24 June 200424 June 2004false
GLife1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson30 November 200431 January 2001false
FreeNetBilling 21 August 2018Craig Hutchinson7 March 200727 March 2007false
GTK Photo Gallery1 August 2018Craig Hutchinson13 October 200613 October 2006false
FlashPash31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson10 July 200323 July 2003false
Firewall Builder31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson8 April 200611 April 2006false
Ftp-outboxd31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson26 February 200426 February 2004false
FlyBird31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson28 July 20071 August 2007false
Flac2ogg31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson17 June 200417 June 2004false
FireDNS31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson9 March 20047 January 2003false
FreeWRLDI31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson19 November 200419 November 2004false
FlatFileSQLDatabase31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson9 October 200310 October 2003false
File-Reader31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson15 December 200415 December 2004false
FtpStats31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson23 November 200115 October 2001false
Foocache31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson7 April 20037 April 2003false
Flactagger31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson10 August 200510 August 2005false
FireMake31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson7 January 200421 August 2003false
FreeVSD31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson2 April 20019 April 2001false
FlameRobin31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson28 January 200928 January 2009false
Findwild31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson1 June 200816 October 2009false
Furius Micro Rss31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson17 March 200826 October 2009false
For Each File31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson17 August 200411 March 2004false
Dnotify 231 July 2018Craig Hutchinson28 October 20047 January 2002false
FireString31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson9 March 200422 July 2003false
Fs2xml31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson20 November 200820 November 2008false
Flowersol31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson10 March 200119 March 2001false
Firewall Builder 231 July 2018Craig Hutchinson10 July 200517 May 2002false
Flate31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson7 March 200323 May 2002false
Foopanel31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson16 March 200620 April 2006false
Comanche31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson11 April 200111 October 2006false
Firetero31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson3 December 20064 December 2006false
Fscript31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson23 June 200530 June 2003false
Flrec31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson19 December 200619 December 2006false
Flac-jacket31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson24 March 200924 March 2009false
SFT31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson29 March 20049 July 2003false
GCronTime31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson24 December 200125 January 2002false
FramebufferUI31 July 2018Craig Hutchinson11 July 200511 July 2005false
S-lang30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson4 March 201830 January 2001false
SQLite-Ruby30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson15 November 20045 November 2004false
S tar30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson2 August 20056 October 2004false
SQL Load balancer30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson8 September 200321 June 2001false
SAPID Inline CMS30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson10 September 200512 October 2005false
Devlabel30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson22 April 200422 April 2004false
SPINdex30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson11 November 200125 July 2002false
RwdScheduler30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson23 April 200528 January 2005false
Sauce30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson15 January 20042 January 2001true
SCPM30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson22 June 200519 May 2005false
SWISHpp30 July 2018Craig Hutchinson13 July 20051 February 2001false
Feed Me Links29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson18 November 200521 November 2005false
SafeHTML29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson15 August 200521 October 2004false
Schedultils29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson10 February 200522 April 2003false
Gallery.py29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson22 September 200517 May 2002false
Gnotes 229 July 2018Craig Hutchinson7 December 20012 November 2000false
CryptoMail29 July 2018Janet Casey4 August 20044 June 2003false
Fetchtowebmail29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson20 November 200820 November 2008false
Sadlittlewebjournal29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson23 November 20044 September 2002false
Scons-chicken29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson24 November 200528 November 2005false
Flat File Extractor29 July 2018Daniel Hjorth18 March 201810 March 2006false
GooseQuill29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson30 September 200430 September 2004false
Stoned29 July 201815 January 200422 January 2003false
Fget29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson19 July 200419 July 2004false
VLC media player29 July 2018Malsasa28 February 201810 June 2008false
SavIRC29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson2 January 20063 December 2004false
CheapskateFonts 229 July 2018Craig Hutchinson18 September 2003false
FFPF29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson17 November 200429 October 2004false
Scout Portal Toolkit29 July 2018Janet Casey1 November 200421 November 2002false
File Ripper29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson27 March 200728 March 2007false
Enotes29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson11 July 200511 July 2005false
SashXB29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson7 August 200322 April 2002false
Charities.cron29 July 2018Janet Casey24 May 20024 December 2000false
Fallback-reboot29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson26 March 20053 March 2005false
SchoolTool29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson2 July 201529 July 2018false
Fifty States App29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson6 October 20096 October 2009false
Good Weather Desklet29 July 2018Craig Hutchinson23 November 20036 March 2006false
ECNCheck29 July 2018Janet Casey2 March 20042 March 2004false
Nautilus28 July 2018Malsasa13 December 201812 January 2017false
Audacious28 July 2018Malsasa19 August 2017false
Gimp28 July 2018Ade Malsasa Akbar4 July 20187 December 2011
28 June 2018
Scribus28 July 2018Ade Malsasa Akbar28 April 201826 July 2013false
Asunder27 July 2018Donaldr327 July 2018false
The Legend of Edgar19 July 2018Lumidify22 April 2018false
Avogadro18 July 2018Kkebreau15 June 201613 September 2010
18 July 2018
ByteHoard18 July 2018Dom Walden23 July 20092 February 2006false
CONSUL11 July 2018Voodoorai2000false
Libexpat4 July 2018Bendikker1 November 20174 July 2018false
XML-XQL4 July 2018Bendikker16 January 20034 July 2018false
Stump4 July 2018Bendikker22 June 20004 July 2018true
Libxml-perl4 July 2018Bendikker21 August 20044 July 2018false
Gmediaserver4 July 2018Bendikker10 November 200727 April 2018true
Gift4 July 2018Bendikker10 August 200727 April 2018
4 July 2018
Parse-Yapp4 July 2018Bendikker4 August 20174 July 2018false
Openbaar4 July 2018Bendikker20 June 20064 July 2018false
XML-DOM4 July 2018Bendikker21 September 20164 July 2018false
Text-Iconv4 July 2018Bendikker17 October 20074 July 2018false
XML-Handler-Trees4 July 2018Bendikker20 November 20014 July 2018false
Webstump4 July 2018Bendikker19 July 19994 July 2018true
Libjit3 July 2018Bendikker25 March 20183 July 2018true
Xmlat3 July 2018Bendikker28 January 20143 July 2018true
Mpria3 July 2018Bendikker31 January 20163 July 2018true
Ssw3 July 2018Bendikker5 October 20173 July 2018true
Lims3 July 2018Bendikker3 December 20173 July 2018true
Djgpp3 July 2018Bendikker27 December 20173 July 2018true
Pdf3 July 2018Bendikker28 October 20123 July 2018true
Stalkerfs3 July 2018Bendikkertrue
Mempool3 July 2018Bendikker18 October 20173 July 2018true
Lispintro3 July 2018Bendikker28 October 2009true
Pgccfd3 July 2018Bendikker22 May 2000true
Kopi3 July 2018Bendikker14 March 20123 July 2018true
Teximpatient3 July 2018Bendikker14 November 2014true
Metaexchange3 July 2018Bendikker29 May 20113 July 2018true
Gbehistun3 July 2018Bendikkertrue
Pythonwebkit3 July 2018Bendikker18 June 2012true
Libdbh3 July 2018Bendikker22 September 20163 July 2018true
Vmgen3 July 2018Bendikker27 July 20163 July 2018true
Metalogic-inference3 July 2018Bendikker31 March 20173 July 2018true
Quickthreads3 July 2018Bendikker10 July 2013true
Consensus2 July 2018Bendikkertrue
Gslip2 July 2018Bendikker3 October 20152 July 2018true
Oo-browser2 July 2018Bendikker4 January 200213 June 2018true
G-golf2 July 2018Bendikker11 June 20172 July 2018true
Inklingreader2 July 2018Bendikker27 November 20142 July 2018true
Network2 July 2018Bendikkertrue
Glean2 July 2018Bendikker25 June 20152 July 2018true
Binutils2 July 2018Bendikker28 January 20185 March 2010
8 May 2018
Java-getopt2 July 2018Bendikker8 February 20122 July 2018true
Gnujdoc2 July 2018Bendikker11 December 20052 July 2018true
Gnutls2 July 2018Bendikker16 February 201813 November 2014true
Config2 July 2018Bendikker2 July 20182 July 2018true
Gnustandards2 July 2018Bendikker12 March 2018true
Lrzsz2 July 2018Bendikker23 August 19992 July 2018true
Shepherd28 June 2018Bendikker22 March 201827 April 2018true
Zile28 June 2018Bendikker6 October 20176 December 2011true
Emacs-muse28 June 2018Bendikker24 March 20181 February 2010true
Vcdimager28 June 2018Bendikker8 January 201828 June 2018true
Gnash28 June 2018Bendikker31 January 201228 June 2018true
Guile-sdl28 June 2018Bendikker8 March 201527 September 2013true
Taler28 June 2018Bendikkertrue
Thales27 June 2018Bendikker19 March 201427 June 2018true
Xhippo27 June 2018Bendikker27 August 200727 June 2018true
Vc-dwim27 June 2018Bendikker14 January 20179 January 2017true
GNU Source-highlight27 June 2018Bendikker30 March 201529 November 2007true
Wb27 June 2018Bendikker14 January 201528 September 2015true
IceCat27 June 2018Bendikker26 February 201812 July 2015
15 August 2015
5 October 2016
Termcap27 June 2018Bendikker13 March 200228 September 2012true
Websocket4j27 June 2018Bendikker24 October 201027 September 2010true
LibreJS27 June 2018Bendikker22 May 20184 June 2012true
Termutils27 June 2018Bendikker1 December 19951 February 2001true
Womb27 June 2018Bendikkertrue
Zip26 June 2018Bendikker9 July 200826 June 2018false
Swbis26 June 2018Bendikker22 May 201630 March 2010true
Logrotate26 June 2018Bendikker9 March 201826 June 2018false
Libffi26 June 2018Bendikker11 November 201426 June 2018false
Talkfilters26 June 2018Bendikker13 January 200913 January 2009true
Rpge26 June 2018Bendikker6 January 20149 February 2009
9 January 2014
Social26 June 2018Bendikker17 December 201726 June 2018true
Reftex26 June 2018Bendikker9 August 200928 April 2018true
Shmm26 June 2018Bendikker28 June 200830 June 2008true
Sqltutor26 June 2018Bendikker19 November 20177 September 2012true
Remotecontrol26 June 2018Bendikker25 April 201618 January 2013true
Smalltalk26 June 2018Bendikker7 November 20153 May 2010
26 June 2018
Superopt26 June 2018Bendikker3 June 199525 July 2001true
Rottlog26 June 2018Bendikker30 March 201026 June 2018true
Qexo25 June 2018Bendikker2 October 201725 June 2018true
Pipo25 June 2018Bendikker8 July 199914 December 2005true
R25 June 2018Bendikker23 April 201819 July 2010true
Powerguru25 June 2018Bendikker25 June 2018true
Proxyknife25 June 2018Bendikker24 September 20072 January 2008true
Paxutils25 June 2018Bendikker11 June 199925 June 2018true
Psychosynth25 June 2018Bendikker2 April 201210 February 2009true
Pies25 June 2018Bendikker1 October 201617 December 2009true
Light Table24 June 2018Alejandroindependiente22 June 201610 January 2015false
Libxcpc24 June 2018Alejandroindependiente24 March 200720 March 2007false
Libprot24 June 2018Alejandroindependiente20 October 2015false
Lightfeather24 June 2018Alejandroindependiente19 June 201127 April 2006false
Motti22 June 2018Bendikker25 May 201712 July 2010true
Nano-archimedes22 June 2018Bendikker10 November 201525 October 2015true
Pascal22 June 2018Bendikker25 March 200628 April 2018
22 June 2018
Moe21 June 2018Bendikker26 June 201721 June 2018true
Libffcall21 June 2018Bendikker17 February 201821 June 2018true
Liquidwar621 June 2018Bendikker6 May 201521 June 2018true
Libiconv21 June 2018Bendikker2 February 201721 June 2018true
Marst21 June 2018Bendikker9 March 201321 June 2018true
Libredwg21 June 2018Bendikker21 June 2018true
Gnuplot21 June 2018Bendikker4 June 201821 June 2018false
Liberty-eiffel21 June 2018Bendikker26 May 201621 June 2018true
Libxmi21 June 2018Bendikker21 June 200031 January 2001true
Metahtml21 June 2018Bendikker6 March 20012 January 2001true
LogicalDOC21 June 2018Cabellounanana8 August 2018false
Linux-libre21 June 2018Bendikker28 July 201821 June 2018true
Halifax20 June 2018Bendikker11 April 200130 May 2001true
Kawa20 June 2018Bendikker2 October 201724 August 2012true
Hyperbole20 June 2018Bendikker23 November 201724 February 2009true
Leg20 June 2018Bendikker21 June 200920 June 2018true
Idutils20 June 2018Bendikker3 February 201219 December 2016true
Guix20 June 2018Bendikker7 December 201713 September 2013true
Ignuit20 June 2018Bendikker17 November 201724 August 2009true
Gurgle20 June 2018Bendikker8 February 201023 January 2017true
Jtw20 June 2018Bendikker20 August 201622 December 2016true
Gnuspeech19 June 2018Bendikker15 October 201524 October 2015true
Gnudos19 June 2018Bendikker13 May 201827 February 2016true
Guile19 June 2018Bendikker1 December 201715 November 2016
19 June 2018
Gnupod19 June 2018Bendikker4 August 200923 November 2009true
Guile-opengl19 June 2018Bendikker18 May 20148 September 2015true
Goptical19 June 2018Bendikker7 January 201210 January 2012true
Gnufm19 June 2018Bendikker29 October 201619 June 2018true
Guile-cv19 June 2018Bendikker2 May 20187 April 2018true
Gnuprologjava19 June 2018Bendikker6 January 201123 August 2010true
Guile-rpc19 June 2018Bendikker21 May 201419 June 2018true
Grabcomics19 June 2018Bendikker18 November 201015 January 2004true
Gnukart19 June 2018Bendikker14 September 201019 June 2018true
Guile-dbi19 June 2018Bendikker1 August 20153 February 2005true
Gnu-pw-mgr19 June 2018Bendikker17 June 201819 June 2018true
Gsegrafix19 June 2018Bendikker10 September 20118 January 2010true
Gnumed19 June 2018Bendikker10 May 201819 June 2018true
Gnu-crypto19 June 2018Bendikker23 October 200519 June 2003true
Guile-gnome19 June 2018Bendikker3 June 201713 February 2004true
Gnuschool19 June 2018Bendikker18 July 20137 August 2007true
Gsrc19 June 2018Bendikker19 April 20158 September 2012true
Gnun19 June 2018Bendikker8 October 201614 January 2009
9 February 2014
Guile-ncurses19 June 2018Bendikker8 April 201731 August 2012true
Gnucobol18 June 2018Bendikker6 September 201718 June 2018true
Gnowsys18 June 2018Bendikker16 March 201027 April 2018true
Gnucomm18 June 2018Bendikker18 June 2018true
Gnuae18 June 2018Bendikker1 January 201018 June 2018true
Tagstoo18 June 2018Pabloandumundu18 June 2018false
Gnubatch18 June 2018Bendikker22 April 201424 February 2009true
Glib18 June 2018Bendikker8 January 201818 June 2018true
Gnu-c-manual18 June 2018Bendikker27 August 201614 September 2012true
Gneuralnetwork18 June 2018Bendikker3 May 20162 December 2016true
Gcide15 June 2018Bendikker28 January 201828 January 2017true
Gengen15 June 2018Bendikker6 September 201015 June 2018true
Gleem15 June 2018Bendikker5 February 200215 June 2018true
Foliot14 June 2018Bendikker25 March 20189 March 2016true
Cppi14 June 2018Bendikker16 March 201323 March 2010true
Easejs14 June 2018Bendikker8 November 201714 August 2014true
Chess14 June 2018Bendikker24 July 201711 November 2013true
Fontopia14 June 2018Bendikker20 May 201822 December 2016true
Cursynth14 June 2018Bendikker14 April 20144 March 2014true
Edma14 June 2018Bendikker15 March 20134 January 2017
14 June 2018
Classpathx14 June 2018Bendikker13 November 201314 June 2018true
Fontutils14 June 2018Bendikker2 April 200017 January 2017true
Dap14 June 2018Bendikker16 April 201414 June 2018true
Eprints14 June 2018Bendikker3 May 201827 April 2018true
Combine14 June 2018Bendikker1 August 201330 July 2013true
Gama14 June 2018Bendikker19 May 201826 July 2010true
Dionysus14 June 2018Bendikker27 February 201831 August 2010true
Fisicalab14 June 2018Bendikker29 May 201531 December 2013true
Commoncpp14 June 2018Bendikker13 December 201514 June 2018true
Dr-geo14 June 2018Bendikker22 June 201814 June 2018true
Dominion14 June 2018Bendikker2 February 200511 January 2017true
Ccide13 June 2018Bendikker5 September 201222 April 2015true
Alive13 June 2018Bendikker8 September 20134 October 2013true
Ballandpaddle13 June 2018Bendikker15 July 200920 July 2009
13 June 2018
Ccrtp13 June 2018Bendikker29 March 20152 November 2001
13 June 2018
Archimedes13 June 2018Bendikker30 April 201313 June 2018true
Bpel2owfn13 June 2018Bendikker30 July 200727 April 2018true
Ccscript13 June 2018Bendikker13 December 201523 February 2016true
Aris13 June 2018Bendikker6 March 201420 August 2012true
Ccaudio13 June 2018Bendikker13 December 201529 November 2013true
Cgicc13 June 2018Bendikker27 June 201717 November 2009true
Artanis13 June 2018Bendikker7 May 201813 June 2018true
Ccd2cue13 June 2018Bendikker13 March 20154 November 2013true
8sync13 June 2018Bendikker18 March 201723 December 2016true
C-graph13 June 2018Bendikker26 April 201227 April 2018true
Avl13 June 2018Bendikker26 August 20077 January 2008true
Make12 June 2018Bendikker10 June 201631 January 2017true
Lightning12 June 2018Bendikker14 September 201712 June 2018true
Emacs12 June 2018Bendikker28 May 201818 May 2010
8 January 2016
Fdisk12 June 2018Bendikker4 December 201111 January 2010true
Xaos11 June 2018Bendikker1 November 201311 June 2018true
Xboard11 June 2018Bendikker1 August 201626 February 2016true
Xlogmaster11 June 2018Bendikker25 June 200928 October 2014true
Xnee11 June 2018Bendikker6 May 201428 May 2010true
Uucp11 June 2018Bendikker3 June 200311 June 2018true
Texmacs7 June 2018Bendikker21 December 20177 June 2018true
Recutils7 June 2018Bendikker19 March 201818 May 2014true
Sipwitch7 June 2018Bendikker13 December 201516 March 2010true
Trueprint7 June 2018Bendikker11 March 201315 February 2017true
Sather7 June 2018Bendikker7 July 20077 June 2018true
Solfege7 June 2018Bendikker24 June 201618 May 2010true
Unifont7 June 2018Bendikker5 June 201824 February 2009
7 June 2018
Serveez7 June 2018Bendikker2 December 20137 June 2018true
Spacechart7 June 2018Bendikker6 December 20025 December 2001true
Userv7 June 2018Bendikker23 January 20177 June 2018true
Sharutils7 June 2018Bendikker30 May 201531 August 2010true
Texinfo7 June 2018Bendikker12 September 201721 November 2008true
Shtool7 June 2018Bendikker18 July 20081 February 2001true
Miscfiles31 May 2018Bendikker17 November 201027 March 2001true
Octave31 May 2018Bendikker1 May 201823 January 2017true
Pcb31 May 2018Bendikker13 May 201827 August 2014true
Mit-scheme31 May 2018Bendikker21 May 2014true
Oleo31 May 2018Bendikker10 March 200131 May 2018true
Pexec31 May 2018Bendikker14 September 20097 September 2012true
Mpfr31 May 2018Bendikker7 February 201812 June 2008true
Orgadoc31 May 2018Bendikker11 May 201731 May 2018true
Polyxmass31 May 2018Bendikker21 March 2005true
Health31 May 2018Bendikker4 December 20179 March 2012true
Osip31 May 2018Bendikker13 September 201631 May 2018true
Mifluz31 May 2018Bendikker17 April 201418 May 2014
31 May 2018
Pspp31 May 2018Bendikker27 August 201714 October 2009true
Ocrad31 May 2018Bendikker31 March 201727 October 2014true
Parted31 May 2018Bendikker29 July 20141 June 2010true
M424 May 2018Bendikker31 December 201631 August 2010true
Melting24 May 2018Bendikker8 August 201429 January 2017true
Macchanger24 May 2018Bendikker1 January 201427 January 2016
24 May 2018
Tar24 May 2018Bendikker17 December 201714 August 2014true
Mailutils24 May 2018Bendikker2 November 201720 January 2017true
Libconfini24 May 2018Madmurphy21 May 2018false
Mcron24 May 2018Bendikker8 April 201811 May 2014true
Mdk24 May 2018Bendikker23 December 201524 May 2018true
Libsigsegv23 May 2018Bendikker16 January 201811 December 2009true
Libtasn123 May 2018Bendikker16 January 201827 September 2010true
Libunistring23 May 2018Bendikker28 February 201829 January 2017
23 May 2018
Libidn23 May 2018Bendikker18 May 201824 May 2010
23 May 2018
Lilypond23 May 2018Bendikker28 January 201818 November 2009true
Libmicrohttpd23 May 2018Bendikker1 February 201823 May 2018true
Gtick17 May 2018Bendikker27 July 201417 May 2018true
Libcdio17 May 2018Bendikker6 February 20188 January 2017true
Hp2xx17 May 2018Bendikker23 June 200331 January 2001true
Jacal17 May 2018Bendikker16 January 201517 May 2018true
Gtypist17 May 2018Bendikker12 August 201419 February 2009true
Libextractor17 May 2018Bendikker15 October 201717 May 2018true
Httptunnel17 May 2018Bendikker25 February 20014 January 2017true
Jel17 May 2018Bendikker9 May 20167 October 2015true
Gvpe17 May 2018Bendikker10 November 201617 May 2018true
Libgcrypt17 May 2018Bendikker13 December 201725 February 2016true
Hurd17 May 2018Bendikker18 December 20168 August 2001true
Jwhois17 May 2018Bendikker1 July 200717 May 2018true
Gxmessage17 May 2018Bendikker25 May 201517 May 2018true
Inetutils17 May 2018Bendikker10 June 201519 January 2014true
Groff17 May 2018Bendikker4 November 201417 May 2018true
Libc17 May 2018Bendikker1 February 201821 May 2010
17 May 2018
Help2man17 May 2018Bendikker28 February 201817 May 2018true
Intlfonts17 May 2018Bendikker4 July 200324 July 2001true
Ruby Sass12 May 2018Saper23 March 201823 October 2014false
Gprolog11 May 2018Bendikker19 December 20143 February 2016true
Gretl11 May 2018Bendikker17 March 20186 December 2016true
Gnushogi10 May 2018Bendikker17 February 201426 October 2012true
Gnugo10 May 2018Bendikker21 December 201010 May 2018true
Lzip10 May 2018Antonio Diaz Diaz14 February 201810 May 2018false
Gnusound10 May 2018Bendikker6 July 20085 May 2005true
Gnuit10 May 2018Gnuit23 February 200924 February 2009true
Gnunet10 May 2018Bendikker8 April 201415 September 2012true
Gnubg10 May 2018Bendikker16 December 20179 May 2018true
Gnuspool10 May 2018Bendikker21 October 201017 February 2009true
Gnujump10 May 2018Bendikker24 July 201210 May 2018true
Gnuradio10 May 2018Bendikker30 March 201820 May 2002true
Gnubiff10 May 2018Bendikker12 June 201610 May 2018true
Gnutrition10 May 2018Bendikker1 September 201228 April 2010true
Gnumach10 May 2018Bendikker18 December 20168 June 2004true
Gnurobots10 May 2018Bendikker3 August 200810 May 2018true
Gnucap10 May 2018Bendikker3 October 201710 May 2018true
Gpaint10 May 2018Bendikker10 September 200710 May 2018true
Gnump3d10 May 2018Bendikker18 October 200728 October 2005true
Freedink9 May 2018Bendikker22 October 20149 May 2018true
Gengetopt9 May 2018Bendikker7 November 201230 December 2009true
Gnuastro9 May 2018Bendikker8 August 20189 May 2018true
Freefont9 May 2018Bendikker3 May 201223 September 2010true
Gforth9 May 2018Bendikker14 June 201418 October 2013true
Emms9 May 2018Bendikker1 May 201811 January 2017true
Freetalk9 May 2018Bendikker19 December 201416 December 2016true
Ggradebook9 May 2018Bendikker6 February 20177 February 2017true
Enscript9 May 2018Bendikker25 September 20123 June 2010true
Gawk9 May 2018Bendikker25 February 20189 May 2018true
Gnats9 May 2018Bendikker27 February 201521 April 2015true
Findutils9 May 2018Bendikker28 December 201531 January 2016true
Gcompris9 May 2018Bendikker13 March 20189 May 2018true
Gnatsweb9 May 2018Bendikker29 July 20039 May 2018true
Wget8 May 2018Bendikker11 February 20172 May 2018true
Cssc8 May 2018Bendikker11 July 20148 May 2018true
Classpath8 May 2018Bendikker16 March 201210 February 2009true
Grub8 May 2018Bendikker26 April 201725 January 2010true
Direvent8 May 2018Bendikker6 July 20168 May 2018true
Shishi8 May 2018Bendikker3 April 201321 May 2010true
Bayonne8 May 2018Bendikker17 November 20128 May 2018true
Dico8 May 2018Bendikker28 January 201828 January 2017true
Ddrescue8 May 2018Bendikker16 February 20187 February 2017true
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