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Through this link you can place messages - comments additions suggestions updates etc.

Please use an existing Identifier for an entry. All other used url names for that should be a redirect if could. At least I use those names to find used names through certain sites and that aint an automated task. By making new names you double the total number of names so you make it harder to find and thats not our purpose.


Standard links I add for GNU packages ( unless other exists )

Standard links I add ( unless other exists )

Standard reference links I add

Standard reference links may not all be the same software but let it stand for reference so you can see an entry already exists. Some are from directory redirects ( not all for now at least ) so check for redirects if the identifier is not the same or check if it was a Debian import. and

(Ref) = Reference link

(R) = Redirect from within:

( (R) or at least has a different identifier )






irc channel in entry automatic puts irc:// in front of link but if you do not put a :// than it won't save so you end up like irc://https:// or irc://irc:

Identifiers automaticly have the first letter capitalized

special characters in identifiers cause impossible to edit with form example gtk+

Debian Import ads to much licence information even causes some entries to struck example

small "bugs"

under categories and License in entry ( also in general ) it would be better to have an extra space like Interface:library would be Interface: library

entries I cannot rename but should be ( src-highlite ) ( gnuzilla ) ( librejs ) ( should be a normal entry: gnue ) ( inspiration: ) ( should be redirected to gnu-queue )

double entries ( Debian import!! ) ( prefered: ctags ( or exuberant-ctags ) ) and ( prefered: xmedcon ) and ( Debian import!! ) ( Debian import!! libxml-parser-perl is XML-Parser ( expat is libexpat ) ) ( prefered: XML-Parser ) and

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